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Haydarpasa Station
Haydarpasa Station

Haydarpaşa Railway Station, one of the monumental buildings of Istanbul, is undergoing the greatest repairs in its 109-year history. 50 tons of steel was used on the roof of the structure, which survived despite burning three times. Milliyet viewed the works in the historical building. When the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Aslan announced that the suburban line of Haydarpaşa-Gebze will be put into service at the end of 2018, eyes were turned to the main station Haydarpaşa Station. The fire that broke out on the roof of the building, which was the symbol building of the people who came to Istanbul from Anatolia for a century, caused great destruction. While the temporary roof was made after the fire, the last train was lifted in 28. Haydarpaşa Train Station is currently undergoing the greatest repairs in its history to ensure that the most important part of Istanbul's city transport is to return the commuter trains. Milliyet, 2011-year-old studies in the building viewed.

No flammable operation

Under the approval of the Supreme Council of Monuments, Delta İnşaat, which undertook the tender for the repair of the building, focused primarily on the roof that became unusable. Under the coordination of the architect Uğur Ünaldı, 50 changed the coating materials placed on the scissors of the workers' roof. 23 of 12 steel scissors was used to fire the 11, 20 was repaired by replacing it. Uğur Ünaldı said that the greatest attention was shown when laying insulation materials. U We are not doing any kind of flammable or flammable process. We have fire stations at 65 meter intervals. We don't allow workers to smoke on the roof. They don't smoke every time they go out of the 50 meter. We build a strong structure using XNUMX tons of steel on the roof. We are very sensitive to make a project that will bring life to Haydarpasa Train Station. ”

The most appropriate way

Stating that the salinization on the front of the station facing the sea has been removed, Ünaldı said, “We started the work in June 2015 and we aim to complete it in June 2018. The second part of the restoration consists of removing the salt that has penetrated the stones of the historical building over the years. All damaged historical stones and marbles will be repaired. We use Khorasan stone, pure lime, natural stone and brick in exterior repair. The roof is 3 thousand 500 square meters in total. An area of ​​3 thousand square meters, including the areas in the two towers kazansteep. At the end of the project, it can be evaluated in another way. Experts, who overhaul all examples of reliefs, wall engravings and carving art, make the most appropriate renewal and repair.” It was learned that the historical building, which has been standing for 109 years, was also viewed with a georadar. It was stated that in the restoration where the foundation, carrier columns and basement floor carriers were overhauled, the units where the officers would work, the tickets would be issued and the social areas would be built in accordance with the original.

Traditional wind rose

The restoration at Haydarpasa Train Station is carried out in two towers with a height of 65 meters. The minarets on the towers are covered with a bullet. Three tons of lead is used for the coating. A total of six tons of lead, as well as wind roses on the towers will be put as before. Wind roses made of stainless steel will stand as a symbol of nostalgia on the towers. The three architects, one foreman and the 45 worker are under the supervision of Nesih Yalçın and Evren Korkmaz. Hundreds of Yeşilçam will have a nostalgic look at Haydarpaşa Station, which is the place where the Anatolian people took their first step in Istanbul.

Example of German architecture

Haydarpasa Train Station is one of the symbol buildings of Istanbul. Garde first 22 In September 1872, there was the first station of the railway which opened to Pendik. Then the railways reached 2. Abdülhamit, the station according to the need to re-made wanted. Two German architects, Otto Ritter and Helmuth Cuno, and the construction of the station building, Ph. Holzmann construction company undertook.

The architecture of the station building, each built on a 21-meter-long thousand 100 wood piles, is new to Prussia. Rönesans It was carried out in style. The inner courtyard of the building, which was built with a “U” plan with two arms of different length, was positioned facing north and the sea front facing south. Basically, pink granite brought from Hereke and stones resistant to harsh weather conditions brought from Lefke were used on the exterior.

The wooden roof was designed as a steep roof in German architecture. The clock on the roof level was adorned with the eagle wing, the symbol of German Railways. This motif was accepted as the symbol of Turkish Railways. The interior of the garage was also made by the German artist Linneman. 30 May 1906'da construction started in the building, 19 August 1908'te was opened. First day's a fire. The building was repaired and re-opened at 4 November 1909.

'I Arsenals

National struggle and 1. Haydarpaşa Train Station, which was used as an arsenal during World War II, was sabotaged in 6 September 1917, the arsenal was detonated and completely destroyed. In the tenth year of the proclamation of the Republic, the Haydarpaşa Train Station, which was rebuilt in accordance with its first state, was restored in 1976. Some parts of the station were damaged in the crash of the fueled 'Independenta' tanker in 1979. The central and northern parts of the roof of the Haydarpaşa Train Station were burned in the fire at 2011. In accordance with the decisions of the Regional Board for Conservation of Cultural Property, the building was repaired according to its original structure.

Source : www.milliyet

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