Not 1, but 2 high-speed train lines will pass through Nevşehir

📩 20/12/2018 17:17

High speed train construction on both routes for Nevşehir was included in the program. So, not one but two high-speed train lines will pass through Nevşehir.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways thought about working for high-speed trains Nevsehir (TCDD) has stated that in 2017 performance program initiated work on two different routes.

In the strategic plan and programs of TCDD, two different routes reaching Ankara and Istanbul are mentioned, one for the "Antalya-Konya-Aksaray-Nevşehir-Kayseri" high-speed train line and the other for the "Yerköy-Kayseri-Ulukışla" high-speed train line. Accordingly, the Antalya-Konya-Aksaray-Nevşehir-Kayseri line will be directed to tourism centers such as Nevşehir, Konya and Antalya, while the other line will be a gateway to Ankara, the heart of politics, and Yerköy-Kayseri-Ulukışla line.

Information obtained in TCDD Ankara-Sivas determined in conjunction with the YHT line Yerköy-Kayseri between 250 km / h walkable 140 km in length will be built a new double track specified, including Kayseri conventional railway network in Turkey, where the high-speed train route for the year 2023 improving total 14.000 km railway construction with the total 25 thousand 940 mileage railway network to reach the target was expressed.

And this passes through the land of the Karasenir and Kanlica villages of Kozaklı, which is located on Nevşehir provincial boundaries on the Kayseri Yerköy line. TCDD consulted with the people of Karasenir about this issue in the past months and has provided information. People have asked for a station for our village.

The negotiations to be a stop in Karasenir for the 2nd High Speed ​​Line that will pass through Karasenir and Kanlıca have not been concluded yet; Now, our citizens want Nevşehir bureaucrats and politicians to do the necessary work on the subject in the competent authorities.

Located in Karasenir district of Kozaklı, the train station is only 8 km from Kozaklı town center. Every day, South Express, Kurtalan Express, Vangölü and Çukurova Blue Train take the passengers from the station. Every day at certain times of the arrival of a train that going to Turkey's eastern and southern, or western journeys can be made.

In Karasenir, the only settlement in Nevşehir, which is the only settlement, it has been around for a century and continues to operate as a station used by trains every day. According to the new project, which also includes Karasenir, high-speed trains from Karasenir will start to transition.

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