The Maximum Increase Rate in the 2018 Budget of the Ministry of Transportation

Transport and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, in his presentation at the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Committee on 03 November 2017; transportation and an emphasis on communications infrastructure investments over the years with $ 11 billion in savings achieved, other sectors of leverage which transportation and other work with the international market expectation of 5 percent growth rate in Turkey is well above 15 years of transportation in the country, an enormous to perform the communication and infrastructure it noted work and transformation.

“The highest growth rate in the railway sector with 49 percent”

Arslan explained that between 2003 and 2017, 362 billion lira was spent in the field of transportation and communication, investment in maritime reached approximately 30 billion lira, and the share of public-private collaboration in these investments was approximately 100 billion lira. while 53 billion liras, 46 billion liras portion continues. We have 505 projects that we are actually working on. Big projects consist of parts. There are 3 thousand 335 total projects. 139 billion lira has been spent so far, we will continue to work on 182 billion lira projects. The budget of this year's Ministry, General Directorate of Civil Aviation, General Directorate of Highways, Information Technologies and Communication Authority for 2018 is 28 billion 442 million liras. The increase rate is 14 percent. Considering the SEEs, the investment budget of the entire ministry, related, related and affiliated institutions is 28 billion 794 million lira, 54 billion lira including the others. SHGM appears in the budget of the ministry, then there are budgets transferred to the Highways, it was happening again in the past, we did not show it in the ministry budget so that it would not be repeated. We showed it in the budget of other relevant institutions. The highest increase rate is in the rail sector with 49 percent. ”

Expressing that they are working on the economic and social impacts of transportation and communication investments, Arslan, on the basis of the sector, invested in that year rather than the deflator, if it is calculated from this year's exchange rate, 76 billion dollars in the highways sector, 22 billion dollars in the railways, 9 billion dollars in the airline sector, the maritime sector $ 30 billion if the private sector is calculated including shipyards and ports, $ 35 billion within the framework of the regulations made in the communications sector, and new and domestic satellites, 144 billion dollars including the development of the telecom infrastructure, e-Government Gateway, the modernization of PTT, postal and new fields of activity. noted that an investment was made.

“The annual savings of transportation and communication infrastructure investments is 11 billion dollars”

Noting that the annual saving amount of 144 billion dollars in transportation and communication infrastructure investments is 11 billion dollars, Arslan said, “The monetary value of 1,4 billion hours of time savings is 2,7 billion dollars. There is a saving of 1,1 billion liters of fuel in vehicle operating costs, approximately 1,4 billion dollars and 2,5 billion dollars in vehicle-related savings. ” said.

Çalış Work continues to return from logistics to transportation ”

Also Arslan, said they are making efforts to return to the logistics of transport, in 2016 Logistics Performance Index, which ranks 160 countries in 34 of Turkey, said they aimed to increase to at least 15.

Turkey with Asia and Europe, that is at the center of the African regional freight transport with Russia, pointing Arslan, logistics centers in the region of origin $ 2 trillion trade volume of freight to be taken share enough so stressed that it is important.

“279 load center, 389 km junction line with additional 45 million tons of load capacity per year”

Emphasizing that they attach great importance to connecting freight centers and ports with railways to the main corridors, Minister Arslan said, “We will connect 279 freight centers with a total of 389 kilometers of railroads with 33 access rights. Thus, we will create an additional annual load bearing capacity of 45 million tons. This is a very important figure for our country. We continue to work on 10 of them, 41 work continues to be included in the investment program. ” found the assessment.

“We will increase the localization rate to 74 percent in YHT”

Explaining that they have succeeded in the production of “National Freight Wagon”, Arslan also said, “We also designed a new generation national freight wagon, which is 20% lighter, 15% lower, and easy to maintain, and we started mass production. We have the capacity to produce 150 pieces each year. ” he spoke.

Stating that they have made progress on “National YHT” (High Speed ​​Train), Arslan said, “We have 96 sets of purchases and we are doing it within the scope of the Industry Cooperation Program. In the beginning, we will be dependent on the outside, but we will increase the localization rate to 74 percent. Necessary works have started in our factory to produce aluminum body related to “Milli EMU” (Electric Train Set). We start in 2018, I hope it will be on our tracks in 2019. ” used the expression.

“At BTK, the target is to increase from 6.5 million tons to 17, 25 and then to 50 million tons”

Arslan, referring to the importance of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Line, which opened on October 30, said, “The infrastructure is ready for the removal of this line to the second line. We will make the superstructure. Although initially 6,5 million tons are projected annually, 17 million tons, 25 million tons and 50 million tons of cargo are expected to pass through this line. We run the second line simultaneously. ” he spoke.

Yolcu Passenger Satisfaction in YHT Percentage 95,8 ”

Stating that they are targeting 7,1 million passengers this year in YHT transportation, Arslan stated that 40 million trips were made in 11 provinces where 35,3 percent of the country's population lives, and passenger satisfaction is 95,8 percent.

“Başkentray is Opening at the End of this Year”

Minister Arslan also said that Başkentray will open at the end of this year.

Following the presentation, the Ministry's Budget for the Year 2018 was adopted by the Commission.

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