Republican nostalgia in transportation

Burulaş gave the nostalgia of transportation to the Bursali by the bus used until the end of 1970 in Republic Day.

One of the Mercedes 1956H buses, which were imported in the 1959 and 1970 years and remained in service until the end of the 0321s, was rebuilt to be original. Republican 94. Burulaş personnel performed ceremonies due to this year's excitement by driving a ride between this nostalgic bus and Cumhuriyet Square-Çekirge. Mercedes O 321H, which was included in the classics with the study by Burulaş, met with the intense interest of the people of Bursa. Burulaş officials, who took photos inside and outside the vehicle, praised the citizens and invited them to the vehicle and enjoyed the nostalgia.

With the opening of the traffic after the Republic march, the vehicle moving in front of Zafer Plaza reached the Çekirge Square from İnönü Avenue, 15 July Democracy Square, Altıparmak and Çekirge. The nostalgic bus, which attracted great attention from the citizens along the way, caused the people from a certain age to live in the past, causing sadness and enthusiasm to live together. Shortly thereafter, the bus is scheduled for weekends between the Republic area and Çekirge.

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