Third Airport-Halkalı tender works of subway station in progress

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan stated that the pace of progress in the construction of Istanbul New Airport was satisfactory, and we started the rail system operation from Gayrettepe to the airport.

Arslan stated that the airport was built at the marshes and pits of the coal quarries. The construction process was continued and the environmental sensitivity was at the highest level since the first day.

Touching on the efforts to protect and protect endemic plants here, Arslan said, “Hopefully we will plant 2018 million trees at the beginning of 2. With the completion of the project, we will plant 5 million trees in this area. ” said.

Arslan, on the question of whether or not to remove the wind turbines in the region, where 12 wind power plant, there are works for the removal of these, they are doing negotiations with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, he said.

Regarding the work on transportation to the airport, Arslan said:

“We started the rail system operation from Gayrettepe to the airport. TBM machines have arrived. We also have a ceremony in a very short time. We make a metro of 37 kilometers. From Gayrettepe to here, completely underground… From here also HalkalıGebze - to the current main lineHalkalı-We are continuing tender work for the continuation of the rail system, which will be connected to it, including Marmara, and we will do it as well. We have a lot of work on land. ”

Arslan stated that the D-3 highway, which is 3 departures-20 arrivals by the General Directorate of Highways, will be opened at the beginning of the year, and the vehicles entering from Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will go to Çatalca by using this route starting from Odayeri, so that the heavy vehicle traffic will go out of the city.

Arslan said, “When we finish the connection to D-20 next year and until the next year to Kınalı, vehicles coming by Thrace will reach the bridge without entering the city traffic. Thus, traffic jams occurring both on the European Side and at Mahmutbey toll booths will be eliminated. ” he spoke.

“Transportation to the airport by sea is not economical”

The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Arslan emphasized on the question of whether or not there will be any transportation by sea to the airport.

“Going to Pendik and Bakırköy by going out of Şile and crossing the Bosphorus also means parallel transportation. We started trips in this sense in the past, we knew it would not work, and our people saw that it was not working either. Shipping is efficient if you are crossing over, vertical transport. Parallel transport is efficient only in mass freight transport. As a matter of fact, if we say 'Let us carry passengers to the third airport by sea', you will cross the Bosphorus and go to the Black Sea first, then you will return from there and come to the side of the airport. This is not an efficient and sustainable form of transport. Let's emphasize it especially.

Let us say with pleasure; To the end of 2018 HalkalıUntil Gebze, we are combining Marmaray completely with suburban lines and already bring it to the metro standard. We integrate them with other rail systems built by our Metropolitan Municipality and our ministry. Thus, our people will come here by using all types of transportation, using all these rail systems, crossing the sea way. Also, it is not economical to come here by sea. ”

Arslan also examined an example of the robots that will be used for the security of the passengers and at the airport.

Günceleme: 19/12/2018 17:05

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