TÜDEMSAŞ ready for domestic cars

Transportation Officer-Sen Sivas Branch President Ömer Vatankulu, to start production of the domestic car recalling the advantage of TÜDEMSAŞ, '' our factory ready for it, '' he said. Vatankulu, '' Revolutionary cars, giving the spirit of TUDEMSAS, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has started to take part in the domestic car work. In Sivas, TÜDEMSAŞ is ready to become a locomotive, '' he said.

Talking about the importance, potential and problems of TÜDEMSAŞ, Vatankulu said, söz TÜDEMSAŞ is very important not only for our province but also for our country. We keep TÜDEMSAŞ with the Republic for Sivas. Because the foundation of development in the sense of industry was laid with this giant investment. We want to have the old days of this factory again, not giving emigration to the former as a factory with this factory, '' he said would like to migrate.

We are aware of the factory's problems. Our factory is managed by proxy and treatment. This is a major weakness in the administrative sense. We prepared the Draft Draft Regulation and submitted it to TÜDEMSAŞ. As soon as the result of the victim's grievances will be resolved, '' he said.

Vatankulu also mentioned the targets as a union, '' added to our members with the power of our new members to continue our blessed walk. Our aim is to see all our employees with us in our rightful case. Our successful work in transportation services strengthens and recognizes us. Now our goal is to reach the hearts. We have the power and we want to add strength to our power. We have increased our family in Sivas as in our country. We will expand our family by reaching out to the volunteers who are aware of how powerful we will be. The great interest and countenance shown to us has strengthened and strengthened us in a trade union sense. We are determined to add power to our power, and now we will achieve this by reaching the hearts, '' he said.

Source : http://www.sivasmemleket.com




    1. Sivas would be a very good choice for cars. Because with this investment, both Sivas and the surrounding provinces Erzincan-Erzurum-Kars-Trabzon-Samsun-Tokat-Yozgat-Kayseri Malatya and Elazığ are positively affected from this. In addition, there is FDI from Sivas to both the Black Sea and the Mediterranean and is important for export. When you look at the USA, we see that there is no strategic industrial production on the west and east coasts, but these factories are spread in the northern part of the USA from Chikago to the east of Boston, Detroit to Colorado Denver. Turkey also meets the specifications of the Kırıkkale de Kars is a region where until the middle of the Sivas.