The artwork of the new railway station in Sweden will be 'human'

The construction of a suburban train station, which is being built in Gothenburg, Sweden, will be a person who will receive a lifetime salary.

Sweden's Gothenburg Municipality and the Provincial Council have decided to build three new underground stations in the city center to reduce traffic congestion and encourage public transport. The new stations to be built within the scope of the project called the Western Connection (Västra Länken) will be made more attractive with works of art.

The station on Korsvägen Street will have a work of art out of the ordinary. A person to be employed full-time will be the art work of the station. Its task is quite simple: it will roam at the station.


Traffic General Directorate Architect Johny Lindeberg, who is in the jury determining the art work at the station, will decide what to do with the person to be hired, said: "I think this will bring a comment to today's paid work," he said.

The exact picture of the work of art has not yet been fully determined, but there will only be a locker room with a card-printing machine at the entrance to be used by itself. The ceiling of the station will be installed in the factories.


A full-time work of art to be hired. He will continue his duty until he retires. If he quits or loses his life, someone else will be hired instead. The budget allocated for art work is 6,5 million kroner. Artists recommend to pay 21 600 crowns per month for artwork to be hired.

Lotta Mossum, one of the State Art Council officials, stated that the station will be formed in order to ensure that passengers consider the problems related to their working conditions. Ilgili Future working conditions exist in our study and an important problem. My personal commentary examines what will happen to people when we determine the content of the work of art. For example, artists decide what to do in their daily work. Örneğin


The State Art Council decided to place a statue of snakes in the station as well as a vivid artwork. A large snake built by Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping will fold down from the ceiling of the station and his head will be placed at the exit of the station.

Architect Johny Lindeberg said that the snake statue was a little more classical. We love the relations of snakes with twisting railways. Biz

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