TCDD At Least High School Graduated 363 Officer Recruiting Staff (Applications Start)

General Directorate of State Railways of the Republic of Turkey will do what 363 least high school graduates of officer recruitment. The countdown for purchases to be made within the scope of KPSS 2017 / 2 is ending. Here are the details.

With the publication of KPSS 2017 / 2 Preference Guide, it was decided how many civil servants will be bought by public institutions and organizations. According to the guidelines described in the General Directorate of State Railways of the Republic of Turkey to the recruitment of civil servants to do 363 were reported.

The announcement of the KPSS center placement, which hundreds of thousands of candidate officers await with great curiosity and enthusiasm, came with disappointment. According to the announced staff, it was reported that 2017 2 38 civil servants will be recruited in the second appointment of XNUMX. While there were hundreds of thousands of civil servant candidates awaiting appointment, the fact that there were so few staff in the central placement caused great reactions.

Recruitment of Civil Servants to TCDD

Center today announced that prefer manual placement within the scope of the Republic of Turkey State Railways Transportation Co. General Directorate of Wagon Technician, Technician, Acting Officer, Secretary, Officer and Engineer staff, high school, associate degree and bachelor degree will make the recruit 363. Applications will be taken between 14-23 November 2017.

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How to Apply?

Candidates are required to apply for applications to be received by ÖSYM.

Application Fee

As the second center of the year will be preferred, the candidates who are going to make a choice are required to pay their preference fee of 15 TL to the ÖSYM contracted banks.

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