The location of the sinking ship in Şile has been determined

A distress signal was received in the morning from the ship named “BİLAL BAL”, 78,5 meters long, carrying cast iron from Gemlik Port to Karadeniz Ereğli Port. The signal was received 7 miles from Şile and the ship and the personnel could not be reached.

There are 10 crew members on board.

Search and rescue activities are conducted under the partnership of Coast Guard Command, General Directorate of Coastal Safety and Naval Forces Command. Search and rescue activities by the Coast Guard Command; 1 Coast Guard Aircraft, 1 Coast Guard Helicopter and 2 Coast Guard Boat, General Directorate of Coastal Safety, 5 Rescue Boat, Naval Forces Command, an unmanned submarine imaging and detection device (ROV) supported by a submarine rescue ship participated.

In the search activities, lifeline, lifeboat, lifeboat and rubber rescue boat, which were determined to belong to the vessel which was found to be sinking at 7 and 88 meters to Şile coast, were found.

Search and rescue activities continue in a coordinated and intensive manner among the relevant units.

Turkish people traveling from Gemlik / Bursa to Karadeniz Ereğli / Zonguldak with an iron load. bayraklı 71C belonging to the dry cargo ship named “Bilal Bal” (Length: 3237 meters Type: Dry Cargo, Tonnage: 3080, Load: 010430 tons of iron), search and rescue activities were initiated for the aforementioned location, based on the receipt of the aid signal on 1 November 2017.

2 pieces of coast guard boats, 1 pieces of helicopters and 1 airplanes and 3 Coast Guard Boat are also included in the search and rescue activities. Furthermore, floating elements belonging to the Naval Forces Command will also participate. On board 10 is considered to be a Turkish citizen crew. No personnel were found in the lifeboats on water. The position of the ship was determined during the search and rescue works and calls for the crew still continue.



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