Kayseri High Speed ​​Train Line is still in Project Phase

Republican People's Party (CHP) Kayseri deputy Cetin Arik, Kayseri, curiously waiting for the issue of high-speed train, Transportation, Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan asked. Justice and Development Party (AKP) ruling that Kayseri could not get the money for the support of Arik, "Your government, Kayseri as if it is treated as a step-son and continues to look blindly to Kayseri," he said. Answering Arık's questions, Arslan said that the 142 kilometer Yerköy-Kayseri line will be finished in three-three and a half years.

CHP Kayseri deputy Çetin Arık, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, General Directorate of Highways, Information Technology and Communication Authority budget final accounts and the Court of Accounts of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation Budget Final Account by participating in the Budget Plan Budget Commission, Transportation, Maritime and He asked the Minister of Communication Ahmet Arslan about the projects that Kayseri people are eagerly awaiting. Arık stated that Kayseri has supported the AKP government since its establishment but could not get the investments it deserves. Bak Mr. Minister, Kayseri is a trade, logistics and health center for 1,5 province with its population approaching 15 million. Kayseri, your party took out the president, the prime minister took off, Parliament deputy took off, took out the group vice president, 7 gave our deputies, the cabinet minister, but whatever wisdom Mr. Minister, 'Kayseri knows the job.' With the logic of acting as a step-son of your government and your government Kayseri Kayseri continues to look blindly. Say: 2002'de Kayseri rally I remember very well, Mr. President, gave good news to Kayseri, said: 'Now you will go from Kayseri to Ankara in an hour and a half and give the glad tidings of Kayseri fast train.' Of course, Kayseri also applauded you, gave the game. When we went to the 2007 elections, the same was said: 'Kayseri, good news to you, you will go to Ankara in a half and two hours, your high-speed train is coming.' Of course, the fast never come, 'When will you come?' When asked, he was said to be at the project stage. When it comes to the 2011 elections, things are said again. Fifteen years have passed, but there is still no high speed train in Kayseri and I am looking at your 2018 budget, and I see that it is still in the project stage. Mr. Minister, would you give Kayseri a date? When will we arrive by train from Kayseri to Ankara? 2023 or 2030? But I see that the 2019 elections are coming, you seem to be losing power, it seems that we will be able to do the high-speed train ”

Pointing out that Kayseri is a center for the surrounding provinces, Arık stated that the current airport is not enough for Kayseri and continued his statements as follows: “Erkilet Airport is not suitable for Kayseri, it is a very small one, but believe that it does not meet the need. Another thing, Mr. Minister, when you go by road, we always see asphalt works in the same place, these asphalt works in the same place. I wonder why? Is there a defect in the quality of the asphalt we use, is there a problem in our workers or is there a problem in your contractors? Or is there a problem in the vehicles go, there is a problem in the driver, why asphalt work is done so often? ”

Arık also brought the Şahruh Bridge, one of Kayseri's most important historical monuments, to the agenda. Arık stated that he had already made attempts on this issue but that no progress has been recorded yet. “There is a historical Şahruh Bridge in Karaözü Neighborhood of Sarıoğlu district and it is said that it was built in 1400. I met with the undersecretary about a year ago. This bridge is dying now, almost destroyed, will be destroyed. Have you done any work to save this bridge, I would like to inquire about it ”

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