World's First Floating Passenger Train Project Started in Seattle

The light rail system, where two trains will carry passengers, was designed to work on the floating bridge, and started to work in 2023.

Seattle is not a foreign city for ambitious transportation projects. It is currently home to the four longest floating bridges in the world. Unlike traditional bridges, floating bridges are bridges of water-filled concrete blocks and materials called pontoons. At the beginning of this year, Seattle also completed the earthquake-resistant bridge project.

The city is now embarking on a more ambitious transport project. The local transit organization 'Sound Transit' develops the world's first light rail system (a passenger train designed for rare traffic). This system consists of a bridge that will swim over Lake Washington. The system is expected to be completed in 2023.

There will be 90 2 tons of trains traveling on the bridge at 300. The system is part of the light rail corridor project (3.7 billion-dollar project) that will connect Seattle with Bellevue / Washington.

As far as the Seattle Times reported, there is not enough room to remove any bugs in the project's floating component. Sound Transit foresees a capacity of new 50.000 journey per day for the new rail system. If one of the trains comes off the rails of the bridge, it will sink into the 600 meter depth of the lake.

According to CityLab, more than two dozen giant pontons will be used as a link to avoid this bridge, as in other floating bridges in Seattle. Under the upper part of the bridge will use steel ropes to connect the pontoons to the lake bed. In this way, the bridge will not be shaken during heavy wave or wind. In addition, routine maintenance checks will be made for cracks.

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