Samsun transportation is going to the metrobus step by step!

📩 19/12/2018 17:09

On behalf of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Samulaş A.Ş. 70 started to provide public transportation services in Samsun with R28 Ring Line, R22 Ring Line, E4 Express Line and E5 Express lines.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz's Transportation Consultant Erhan Öncü'nun under the leadership of the revision planning with the step-by-step metrobüse compelled and condemned.


Erhan Öncü had previously recommended metrobus for Samsun transportation. Öncü advised metrobus in his four provinces.

The Ankara advisory was withdrawn because the consultant was dismissed.

Antalya in the application of the dolmuşçular Erhan Öncü'nün walk on dolmuşçular. There was a fight in the meetings, Erhan Öncü'nın Dolmuşlarine hanged by protesting the picture.

The pioneer was most known for his disagreements with Asım Güzelbey, the former mayor of Gaziantep.

Transportation Planner Erhan Öncü explains how the revision plan he wants to perform in Samsun will be handled in 2013 in his speech about Malatya Transportation Project as follows;


Or In the first stage, we started with the bus priority at the intersections, then transformed into the bus lane, then the bus route and finally convert it to the metrobus.

Ve We have developed the circulation scheme of the central area, we have recommended parking spaces and vehicles to be reduced and pedestrian zones. However, we see that acak Trambus kat, which does not contribute much to the center and which requires significant investment, is implemented before the recommendations for the city center are implemented. Trambus is not actually a definition in technology, it is a promise of a few municipalities in our country. Aslında Trolleybus ”, a technology that was abandoned in our cities years ago, hesitated to say orum Troleybüs vay to its citizens. Tr In terms of the meaning of the word Tram: say rail, Trambus: rail bus. In fact, there is no rail, so there is no tram, only wired bus, ie trolleybus Aslında


Transportation systems were re-opened with the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Transportation, Planning and Rail Systems Department, starting the "Transportation Master Plan" update studies to be prepared in line with the developing technology and new transportation models needed in the city.

Experts, the monorail system in the Black Sea coastal settlements morphological structure is a suitable transportation type, he says.

Gazi University High City and Regional Planner Tahir Çalgüner; Contrary to popular belief, the Monorail system is a more economical type of transportation compared to other types of public transport. There is no expropriation problem. This system does not cause unplanned developments. The lower part can serve other types of transportation as it moves on hanging girders. It's a fast and safe option. Hızlı

Tahir Çalgüner said, bu This option should be considered when Samsun Transportation Master Plan is being made. Mayor of Samsun Transportation Consultant Erhan Öncü, I have seen this reminder as appropriate because he proposed Metrobüs to every city he planned. Samsun

Ine Even the feasibility assessment for the integration of the Monorail option into the Samsun transport system is a project in itself. Samsun Municipality should establish a team of academicians and start this work. We have to do our plans in the long term in order not to convert our cities to the Metrobus cemetery in the hands of the Western countries. Ül

Çalgüner listed the advantages of the monorail as follows;

1.Monoray would use the 2 beam and 2 rail on a single column and the existing roads would not be narrowed,

No expansion of the bridges would be necessary to make the special lanes of 2.Metrobus,

The 3.Enough of a need, the safety bands would have been canceled and the outdated will not be invited again.

4.Monoraylar environmentalist because of the air pollution caused by the Metrobuses would not,

People traveling around in the monorail, which goes from height to high, could travel.

6.Monoray could be built faster and economically,

7.Monoray will not be limited to the center of the road, can jump to the side where he wants, leave the route route.

8.Esthetically it will be much more contemporary.

The monorail, which is expensive from metrobust as cost of investment, can pay for itself in a short time.

It is Europe's preferred system in terms of not narrowing the monorail, on the contrary expanding it, not making air pollution and saving fuel, and most importantly the risk of accidents.

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