Samsun-Sarp Railway to Open Tourism

AK Party Ordu deputy Metin Gundogdu, Samsun-Sarp Railway Project related; ”People who say,” Let's take a trip to Samsun-Sarp and watch the scenery will catch the opportunity to see the Black Sea's touristic places, nature and green. Turistik

AK Party Ordu deputy Metin Gundogdu, the previous day, held in Ordu, the Black Sea City Council meeting found evaluations. Giving support to the city councils who joined forces for the realization of the Samsun-Sarp Railway Project, Gundogdu said he would be the follower of the project. Deputy Gündoğdu, President Erdogan will transfer the project as soon as possible to save, recording, said:

Orum First of all, I would like to thank the Black Sea City Councils. They had a meeting in Ordu and a high-speed train project from the Black Sea to Samsun's Sarp border crossing was discussed. They announced what they would do to the city councils for the realization of this project. We, as politicians, believe that this project is the right project until the end. Olay Newspaper has long been carrying this project to the headline. A few years ago, an airport in the Ordu was created with the condition of throwing the headlines of the Olay Newspaper about the airport for a very long time. Now, Olay newspaper in fact has long been the headline and high-speed train in the green sea of ​​the Black Sea is very useful and an effective investment for the Black Sea said. We see this and we will follow it. Ç

”Project can be implemented“

Can this project be implemented? It can pass. Because in many parts of Europe there are these projects and fast trains are being made. Currently, a high-speed train project from Ankara to Erzincan and Erzurum will be completed. Soon it will be opened up to Sivas. There is no reason why this project has not been implemented. Previously we met with the Deputy General Director of the State Railways Army, he said that this project is up to a certain point, Fatsa'nın done until the exit and should be done continued. We hope that we will do our best to realize this work together and we will fight to fulfill our strengths. The fact that civil society organizations, city councils and public opinion are so sensitive and pioneers in this business, of course, makes us happy. Because when we have support behind this project, we will fight for a more comfortable implementation. His Excellency Mr. President was in Rize yesterday and he attended the Congress there. After the meeting of the city councils, our President will come to Trabzon, Giresun, Ordu congresses. He will come to the congresses of the Congress of Samsun. We will forward this project to them. With our ministers, mayors, MPs, we will build our infrastructure and we will do whatever it takes to make this work happen. Alty

“I will forward it to the President“

I will present this to our President during the first opportunity. When it comes to congresses it can come with the gospel. We will also hold talks with the President of the Republic of Turkey. Hopefully we will bring this project to the Black Sea. The first Olay Newspaper in the Black Sea, the airport headlines when he thinks people dream. When our Mustafa Malay governor threw it, it felt like a dream. At the moment, the fast train may seem like a dream to the citizens, but when it is started, it ends as soon as possible and reaches the capacity of carrying a very serious number of people. Army airport currently carries over 1 million passengers. Therefore, no one has a chance to cross the Black Sea. All investors will show this sensitivity. If the high-speed train with high-speed train departs from Ankara, our tourists from Samsun over the Black Sea by high-speed train to go back to the opportunity to return. It will be both very cheap and important. I believe that those who want to come from abroad and see the Black Sea will benefit from these opportunities. So I think of a line with high passenger capacity. Erzurum project is a project to be carried. People who say, alay Let's take a trip to Samsun-Sarp and watch the landscape ip will use the high-speed train to catch the opportunity to see the touristic places, nature and green of the Black Sea. Samsun

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