CHP Samsun Deputy Tekin, the Minister asked Arslan fast train project

CHP Samsun Deputy Hayati Tekin Plan Budget Commission in the budget of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Arslan was asked to Samsun project and high speed train project.

The Budget of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications was discussed in the Plan Budget Commission. Plan Budget Commission meeting at the meeting CHP Samsun deputy Hayati Tekin said; Nedeniyle Friends, because the 2 52 kilometers in the city of XNUMX kilometers turned into a city that has not been spoken and spoken for years due to the eastern western ring roads. We have expressed last year, this year we are voicing but it is not included in the program. In addition, there were bridged overpasses on the stadium.

Thompson continued his speech as follows; Kadar The east and west ring roads can be constructed twice as much as the number spent on the roads from Canik to Tekeköy. This east and west ring roads are not obliged to rise from Samsun, but for this moment is doing great work on the air roads, this is the beginning of the sins, turned into a pile of concrete, but the eastern western ring road just as an axle stands on the plans. I ask, Metropolitan says: sa We will pass the western ring road through the 40 zoning plan. Ina then he says: onun I can't complete it all, I'm going to pass it on to the highways for it. In The highways say: There is nothing about the expropriation, the city grows longer. Google and Google Earth to open this curve is right, you can see. Aç He said.

The ruling or the opposition, including my party, it is said that the fast train here, the fast train here. Samsun Delice high speed train line has been spoken for maybe ten years. Mr. Minister, I am against this, I am also against the high-speed trains to be built all over the country. "Why?" If you say, when I look at your 2023 project, the money we will spend on high-speed train, renovation of railways and new lines can make a high-speed train from scratch twice, including complete electrification, including signaling, including the rail system. Our passion for automobiles, which began in 1946, was probably due to the intervention of professional American imperialism in an ambiguous experiment in the 1962s - it ended.

CHP Samsun Deputy Hayati Tekin continued his speech; Tik During Demirel's time, we built only the dam body, we folded the turbines. Today, those who sell us turbines still sell turbines to the world, we have completed the dam work. Fast train, high-speed train, fast train please let yourself do it, otherwise you will betray future generations. However, with the project you can do up to 2023, you can manufacture the high-speed train twice. This, of course, would be Japanese, French, German, a partnership with the money that can do this money is not the budget today 69 billion pounds open while we still get it from him, we will be able to go with the credits we will take fast trains from Spain, Italy, I do not know who We will do it, biz Wow, we did this to Samsun. yaptır

He criticized the power that appreciated the positive things of power but boasted of debt with these words; . Let the fast train do it yourself. I say that if this is a favor to the country, it is the most important. You've done a lot of things, thank you guys. In the service sector, I especially congratulate land routes and transport. It was bad before 2002. It's not very good in your time, but I still agree with your goodness, I'm not ungrateful to this service. Only, you know that you sold all the values ​​of the Republic, since then, you have borrowed 368 billion dollars throughout your government. Obtaining a debt, getting a service, By the way, none of you have paid 1 billion pounds from your salary. I hope the future generations will remain. Thank you, thank you. ”

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