Fish hoard in Bursa revolted by bus ride!

The problems experienced in public transportation in Bursa are growing exponentially. Citizens, who had to travel a lot of fish due to insufficient planning and investments not only in the metro line but also in buses, are rebelling.

While the traffic in Bursa is getting more and more inextricable with each passing day, the scenery in public transportation is not much different.

In Bursa, where public transportation costs are the most expensive, the fish pile travel ordeal is growing exponentially both on the light rail line and in buses.

The last address of the ordeal in Bursa was the B / 33-H line.

Timurtaş Pasha-Hasanağa between the bus standing on the bus should not be more than 37 people, many more citizens had to make the journey rebelled passengers.

From time to time there were discussions between the bus driver and the passengers.

Residents called for authorities to increase the number of expeditions by informing them that the number of flights occurred due to the low number of flights.

2017 Bursalılar using Turkey's most expensive public transportation in Turkey, waiting for the torment they live to end a moment ago.




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