Polatlı YHT Gar Road Darken Prisoner

The most important share of the transportation sector, which in the past, the black train cufcuf structure comes to the structure of the passenger takes the horn to the horn. Nowadays, trains in those old trains, although they have the title of museum, will not be transferred from generation to generation which has been forgotten, and we can only say that they will come to the name and even come. The old landed trains of the ancients left the rails to his grandson.

High-speed trains, these fast trains, the initials of the names that have been YHT taking the opposite THY is important for us to Turkey for us. We reach airplane comfort in these trains which reach 250km / h speed per hour. Definitely and would definitely prefer if I have this train trip to my travels. It is an invaluable feeling that Polatlı YHT station appears on a screen as a Poletil and a high speed train station in Polatlı. But it is not a problem that a beauty of each beauty is a problem, and it does not bother to continue on this problem.

The importance of the place and not to cause an accident in terms of importance in terms of a few miles from the city to go to the YHT station, especially when the night is dark and scary to be frightening to cause an accident with a feverish situation. Why is that; When the night is dark, the train station is unfortunately not bright, even without lighting. In one way the bends and light bumps are completely inviting the problem. I have been informed by the responsible people about this path, but this problem should be resolved by the thesis.

Polatlı yht gar road should be illuminated. Future and future accidents, etc. We must take our glare against events. It should not be possible for this problem to be provided in such a way that the city is given such a possibility, passing the rails through this line, and the technology is provided to grow with such a growth and to meet with the service concept. One of our guests coming to the guesthouse, arriving from the passenger, enters the road by pulling a besmele. It's like being alone on the road that isn't a singular thing. This is the way it should be, why it does not happen in everything, why everything is not desired. Is it too hard to do? The road that will be planted on that road will be more healthy if equipped with light poles. On a dark road, to the right of the road to the left of the cemetery is not to spell factories. If Hasbelkader breaks down in your car, wow. No, it's not like you won't say no more. To get a better healthy solution, you need to write the worst scenario so that you get the best. Polatliya, an image that is unbearable, we hope that this lighting problem is solved, the authorities respond to our voice with this article and the problem is solved. Let's not forget that the city is the question of all of us. Every citizen has to put his / her hand under the stone.

This must be done in order to move away from the selfishness of Banane, to hold hands, to volunteer, to forward, to future generations, to generations. You can see what some of them don't see. From the perspective of some of you, your point of view is different and you need to make a difference. Polatlımız for moving forward to transfer and to announce the name of the problem where to write what we have to inform you to warn. Some have made an event that has been deval to some. You never know. As a result, I would ask the authorities to have our way to the high-speed railway station, which is condemned to darkness. No matter what, every side of you will be bright. Stay well and healthy.

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