Passenger Train collides with Batman

Batman-Diyarbakir expedition passenger trains at the entrance of the village of Balpınar level crossing the truck was passing through the passage, 2 injured in the accident.

According to information received, the accident occurred at a level crossing at the entrance of the village of Batman Balpinar. Batman-Diyarbakir expedition passenger train, while going from Batman direction Diyarbakir, crossing the level crossing the 72 KA 867 plate hit the truck. In the accident, the driver of the truck Mahmut Karabaş and 14-year-old Kadir Boğadır were injured. Following the intervention of medical teams instead of the accident, the Batman Regional State Hospital, the wounded. Kadir Boğadır 14-age wounded in the hospital was learned that the situation was heavy.

Police teams launched an investigation into the accident.

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