The Public Transport Period in Ordu… Vehicles Started to Come

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality has come to an end with the work it started to realize a dream that lasted for years. New vehicles for the "Public Transport System", which will be implemented for the first time in the history of the army, were brought to the district of Altınordu yesterday.


With the new system, 322 will serve the new and modern vehicles with the new system, which will serve the 177 vehicle. Together with the completed transformation, both comfortable transportation will be provided and the traffic density in the city will be prevented. The vehicles that came to Ordu for the Public Transportation Rehabilitation Project, which will start in January, were brought to the storage area in the Altınordu Karapınar District yesterday. Citizens showed great interest in new public transportation vehicles. . We had previously promised to protect the rights of all our chauffeurs. We left the selection of the vehicles completely at the initiative of our brothers and sisters Araç.


President Enver Yılmaz stated that they had been living for many years to realize a dream. Yıl 265 dolmus car, 46 Sagra Meydan car and 11 Kuğukent vehicle served in our army. In the new period, our driver shopkeepers will provide comfort and service in different capacities with the 177 vehicle. With the new system, the 322 units will be converted into a total of 161 vehicles in the 5,5 - 8 m range and the 16 in the range of 8 - 10 m. The installation of the stop near 177 with the 20 closed stall will be the gathering center of the Republic Square vehicles. In January, our city of Ordu is now moving to public transportation. I'd like to make plenty of money to all my trades. Good luck to the auspicious lu.

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