Percentage of Trainers on 50 Discount

TCDD Transportation Inc. General Manager Kurt, "24 November Teacher Day, which includes high-speed trains and outline trains, teachers can travel 50 percent discount."

TCDD Transportation Inc. General Manager Veysi Kurt, 24 November Teacher's Day in the week, high-speed train and outline trains, teachers who want tickets, 50 percent discount on the date they want to travel.

Kurt, in a written statement, said that their respect for the future generations of teachers are endless. In the week of the Teachers' Day (24-30 November), Kurt noted that teachers who bought tickets for high-speed trains and outline trains could travel at a discounted percentage of 50 regardless of their travel dates. and teachers working in private schools, teaching staff in higher education institutions, teachers of Turkish nationality and foreign teachers. Kurt, "TCDD Transportation Inc. General Directorate of Teachers on this occasion, we celebrate the Teachers' Day." He said.

Kurt, 2013'dan campaigns implemented by pointing to the benefit of approximately 17 thousand teachers, pointing out that the 20 percent discounted teachers were reminded.

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