Domestic Automobile and Inflation Report from MUSIAD President

Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) Chairman Abdurrahman Kaan, domestic car project and the Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), found in about October inflation data released by the assessment.

It continues to be the locomotive of the automotive sector in exports, indicating that Turkey Kaan has a very important place for the economy, "the industry with our total exports in the year 2016 19,8 billion dollars in the order of about 14%. Nevertheless, the import of the sector is also underestimated. In 2016, the total import of the automotive sector was 17,8 billion dollars. In this context, the development of the domestic automotive sector; It will ensure that the exports to the sector will be increased and imports will be kept at a more reasonable level and thus will play an important role in closing the foreign trade deficit.

The production and export of many international car brands that have an important place in Turkey, in the framework of these goals by producing the first seeds of their car, heading toward the 2023 target unabated. promotion, which will be implemented with the efforts of our president and our government 'Turkey's car' project, the world's first 10 extremely strategic and exciting way to becoming Turkey moves to an economy. This way the faith and determination, with investments in Turkey is celebrating the man who will restore our business to the local and national car, I hope you will be good for our country, "he said.

How to Reduce Inflation: Manufacturing, (Production) Investment and Export

Kaan also mentioned about the October inflation data announced by TURKSTAT: ın It is of course a pity that the annual inflation rate rose to 11,9 level. However, with the measures taken by the economy management, we think that inflation will decrease gradually in the medium and long term. The increase in domestic producer prices is subject to pressure on consumer prices. The way to reduce this pressure is to increase our Manufacturing (Production), Investment and Exports as we frequently mention as MUSIAD. We are aware of our assignments as a business community to strengthen production and to focus on export-oriented manufacturing. giving weight to these issues in the coming period, the structural problems of Turkey's economy, we plan to increase our support for our solution-oriented approach. "he said.

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