KPSS 2017 / 2 Preferences TCDD 573 Officer Reception Roles and Application Requirements

KPSS 2017 / 2 preferences started. TCDD civil servants will also be recruited. The central recruitment preferences and the recruitment staff of TCDD public personnel are included in our news.

KPSS 2017 / 2 placement of the central office appointment preferences began. As a result of the choices to be taken by ÖSYM, a total of 2038 officers will be recruited from undergraduate, associate and high school graduates. In this context, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) will be 573 recruitment of cadres. We examined TCDD recruitment recruitment staff and application conditions.

TCDD High School Graduated Officer Reception
In the 2 TCDD for high school graduates, Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. 3 staff opened to the General Directorate. 2023, 2063, 7300 and 7327 qualification codes are specified for TCDD technician reception. Wagon Industry technician staff will look for the 2085 quality code.

TCDD Associate Degree
For graduates of associate degree, the total 334 cadre was divided. 331 staff officer to the staff of TCDD, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry 1 the squad, while the Turkey Wagon Industry opened 2 staff.

TCDD'a associate degree graduate officer, surveys, secretaries, technical staff will be staffed. Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry shunter, while the Wagon Industry to be officers.

TCDD license graduate
The graduates of the program were given a total of 234. TCDD staff 216 this context, Turkey Railway Machines Industry to 2, 6 to Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry, the public will be held in Turkey Wagon Industry personnel recruiting.

With the appointment of KPSS 2017 / 2, TCDD staff will receive bachelor's degree engineers, civil servants and statisticians. Other affiliated institutions will be staffed as lawyers, translators, engineers and civil servants.

KPSS 2017 / 2 preferences for each position in the purchase of different qualification codes were specified. Candidates must review these qualifications codes in the manual and make their applications accordingly. In the table below, we presented TCDD and its affiliated organizations. KPSS 2017 / 2 TCDD for recruitment recruitment staff and quality codes CLICK HERE.

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