Kösedağı: IETT Officials do not know the problem of public transport - do not see!

In November, November 1, 2007, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) met the IAP General Directorate's 2017 Year Budget and Performance Program. The budget was presented to IETT General Manager Arif Emecen.

The 2 Budget of IETT of 140 billion 2018 million TL was accepted by the majority of votes, with the rejection of the CHP Group, with the affirmative votes of the AKP Group. On IETT's 2018 Budget and Performance Program Report, presenting opinions, suggestions and criticisms on behalf of the CHP Group on the parliament chair Kadıköy Municipality and IMM Assembly CHP Member Mesut Kösedağı summed up the rejection decision of the CHP Group with the following sentence: “Mr. President, councilors; As the Republican People's Party Group, I share with the public that we will use the "NO" vote because we think that IETT's 2018 budget, which does not see the problems in public transportation, is far from investment and prepared with the copy-paste system, cannot produce solutions to the problems of the people of Istanbul. Saying “the most intensive complaint rationale of our people about IETT”, “time or never arriving flights”, “buses passing without stopping by the stop because they are full”, Kösadağı emphasized the following sentences: 7 people were injured. What efforts are being made to prevent new accidents, we could not see this in the performance budget. There are some awards given to IETT from abroad. He put one of the awards to institutions 32t'y, giving awards to leave, do not come to Turkey again. There is one thing we always say, “There is no party to suffer in traffic” The main way to solve the transportation problem of Istanbul is to encourage public transportation. However, we see that Mr. the president will pass this year with a copy-paste budget. Unfortunately, the people of Istanbul will continue to suffer in transportation this year, as a general manager and a mayor who is old; The way to save Istanbul from traffic is "rail system" by IETT and Mr. The most important issue of Mevlüt Uysal should be the transportation problem. Because transportation is a common problem of 9 million people who officially live in Istanbul. As the CHP group, we are ready to be unconditional support for the solution of the transportation problem. ”

Listing opinions, suggestions and criticisms on behalf of CHP Group on IETT's 2018 Budget and Performance Program Report Kadıköy Municipality and IMM Assembly CHP Member Mesut Kösedağı (6 page speech text is attached)

One of the most important titles of the performance program that concerns the citizen is the maintenance and repair work of the overpasses and escalators on the metrobus line. For this, approximately 4 million TL has been allocated from the budget. If necessary, allocate 14 million TL, but now save the people of Istanbul from the outdated images in the overpasses. IETT has planned the number of “customer satisfaction surveys” for this year as only once every year, so once a year to the people of Istanbul “Are you satisfied with IETT?” they will ask. We interpret this seriously.

Now it is necessary to talk about the actual IETT, not the IETT of dreams. Members of the Assembly; To prepare for this conversation, it would be a betrayal to the people of Istanbul to stay connected to the book. I tried to identify the problems on various days and hours of Istanbul on various days. I gathered various data on metro, metrobus and buses. Let's enter the subject with a few examples. This year, the maintenance performance of the interior panels and digital parts you have allocated 40 million TL varies according to the income level of the districts. For example, in the districts such as Sultanbeyli-Esenler, most of the boards in vehicles are damaged or closed, while the problems in metros and metrobuses are much less. For example, Sultangazi'nin Esentepe neighborhood headman IETT'ye despite the demand for a closed stall can not make the stop itself found.

Since I follow IETT closely, I get dozens of complaints about transportation from social media or my environment. Believe me, none of these are “there is no charging device in the vehicle” or “how many stops is smart on this route”. The most intense complaint rationale of our people is “timely or never arriving”, “buses passing without stopping because it is full” and shortened or removed flights for transfer. I wonder if IETT management is aware of these problems? We have been saying here for years: The main task of IETT is to provide comfortable transportation. Now I am asking a concrete question: 11us- 18k-19s -14a -17-19z -ER1- 500t-16- and I ask the bus line passengers who do not stop counting; Is your problem “taking line stop inventories” or a timely and comfortable transportation? As I just mentioned, I was on my way to investigate problems on the spot. I got on 11us again. Maybe I have been saying for 3 years. I thought they had taken a precaution, but unfortunately I was able to get through the middle gate again due to occupancy. Now you will say that when the Çekmeköy-Üsküdar subway opens, there will be relief in that area. Isn't that the opening of the water 36 months delayed subway? Dear councilors; Until you get on the metro from the center of Sultanbeyli, that area cannot be relieved. His date is also Mr. According to Topbaş, it is the earliest in 2020, so the transportation suffering of the people of Sultanbeyli will continue.

I want to open a parenthesis on Private Public Buses. First of all, you couldn't find a place to put these buses in Istanbul. When the expedition hours are over, the buses wait for the morning, leaving either on the petrol stations or on the roadside. This causes parking and security problems with other citizens sitting there. IETT urgently needs to offer garage service to private public buses. Again, the excess of bad boards and automations is noticeable in private public buses. It is obvious that the necessary support is not given due to hygiene, and we also see that the drivers are not encouraged enough for education. As a result, the main problem of buses is that there are lines and passengers that do not arrive on time and we want the priority to be transferred to these issues.

Now I want to touch on the 'metrobus', which is the bleeding wound of Istanbul. Dear councilors; The reason for the choice of metrobus of Istanbul people is never comfort or service quality, or convenient transportation; Metrobus is preferred because it has a privileged road. Imagine if there is any transportation problem in Istanbul, people can afford to travel like illegal refugees. To my mind when I saw the transfer center Zincirlikuyu- fleeing war refugees in Syria and Turkey is based on the border. Just like the Ünalan transfer center, we officially migrate tribes from the metrobus to the metro. I'm sure all of our ears are ringing, especially when those walking paths are broken.

To reach the Altunizade metrobus, you have to cross the three overpasses. Here I ask the elderly, the disabled, mothers can use the BRT? I ask the people of Istanbul from here: Are you happy to travel to metrobust? or continue to transfer funds to IETT IT studies?

It cannot be a wheeled line that carries about 800 thousand people a day. It was a good practice when it started, but now it's time to leave its place to "rail transport". As you know, 7 people died and 32 people were injured in 9 accidents that occurred in the metrobus line in the last 68 years. What efforts are being made to prevent new accidents, we could not see this in the performance budget. Dear councilors; As a result, in IETT's 2018 performance program, we could not see anything that would solve the transportation problem in Istanbul and the problems in public transportation.

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