Karşıyaka The Tram Didn't See the Attention

Despite criticisms, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality spent millions of liras Karşıyaka The tram did not see the expected interest. The tram was disappointing

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has awarded 390 million pounds Karşıyaka and Konak tramway with 8.3 kilometers. Karşıyaka The stage was commissioned at a ceremony held on April 11 last. Starting paid flights on July 1 Karşıyaka He did not see the tram, the expected attention. Operated by Izmir Metro Inc. operating the rail system operating under the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Karşıyaka The tram remained far below the number of 3 thousand passengers envisaged over the past 87 months, resulting in a fiasco. The tramway management became literally disappointing after the additional measures taken by the Metropolitan to increase the number of passengers.

Sabah Egeli has reached the monthly passenger figures kept by İzmir Metro Inc. as a secret. According to the figures reached by Egeli Karşıyaka 403 thousand people got on the tram in August. Although this number increased to 572 thousand with the opening of schools in September, it was still far below the predicted number of passengers. Starting at 06.00 in the morning and making 24.00 flights at 10 minutes intervals until 228 at night Karşıyaka There were 57 passengers per trip on the tram in August and 83 in September. Considering that each of the wagons with a total length of 8.3 kilometers or even working cars has a carrying capacity of 285 passengers, the average occupancy rate per trip did not even reach 30 percent. Considering that some of the boarding passengers made free travel by taking advantage of the 90-minute system, the extent of the damage has increased even more. nationals Karşıyaka Some bus lines running parallel to the tram to direct them to the tram and Karşıyaka- The applications of the Metropolitan, which has canceled the taxi line that has been operating between Mavisehir for 60 years with the UKOME decision, have attracted reactions. The research conducted by Sabah Egeli revealed that the biggest factor for citizens to prefer the bus instead of the tram is the slow tram of the tram.

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