Historical Station Building Statement from Kırklareli Mayor Kesoglu

Kırklareli Mayor Mehmet Siamese Kesimoğlu, Kırklareli historic station building of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) by leasing tender for the exits, "This picture does not fit the Kırklareli. It may be owned by State Railways, but it is for our people because it is within the borders of our city. A date lies here, and unfortunately it is falling before our eyes, he said.

Emphasizing the need to cancel the tender Kesimoglu, the historical gar area and the environment should be given to the service of the people of Kırklareli, otherwise they will show the dose of the struggle will increase and the municipal council members can go on a hunger strike underlined.

In a press release he made in front of the historical station building, Kesoglu said: “We have repeatedly expressed our determination to bring this area to Kırklareli Municipality and to make it a convenient place for Kırklareli Municipality to provide the service it deserves to the people of Kırklareli. However, at the point reached, unfortunately we could not find the opportunity to reach this goal. On the contrary, we are currently faced with the pursuit of rent for this purpose of rent, even though it is not given to us. As the Mayor of the people of Kırklareli, I want to demonstrate decisively that I will never and never allow it ”.

Stating that the Kırklareli station area and its surroundings are in an image that does not suit Kırklareli, Kesoğlu said, “This area was allocated to Kırklareli University for 2012 years by State Railways in 10. But as you can see, the university did not do anything here. The painting you see here is a painting that does not suit Kırklareli. Since it is not known that the ownership of this place belongs to the State Railways, it is constantly associated with the Municipality of Kırklareli. Therefore, we were criticized by some groups that we did not care for this place or that we were not interested. The historical station building you see here collapses and disappears by eye. Look, we have committed a crime, we have closed the windows with various materials in order to enter and use them for malicious purposes. But we were not successful. ”

Underlining that there are contradictions in the tender announcement and specification, Kesoğlu said, “When we look at the tender announcement, there is a freak, the tender announcement will be rented until 31 December 2019. The specification is issued by TCDD as an annex to this. What is written here, the contract will be rented from the signature date until 31 December 2025. With the tender announcement you say 2019, in your specification you say 2025. This is contradiction. I would also like to point out that there is another very interesting situation. There is also the specification. I no longer know whether he was running out of attention to hurry someone, but I am again reading this picture from the specification. In this specification, it writes 'Areas to be rented to Kırklareli Municipality'. If I was a third person or institution, when I saw the section of the areas to be rented to Kırklareli Municipality in the specification of the tender, I would say that you have made your decision, you are symbolically tendering.

Kesimoğlu reminded that the 3 restoration project was prepared for the gar building years ago and added that if the garage was allocated to the municipality, it would be restored in accordance with the original and opened to the public.

Emphasizing that they will never allow the station building and its surroundings to be used for rent, and if necessary, they will go on a hunger strike. We will never allow it to be used for any purpose and especially for the purpose of rent, except for the benefit of the people of Kırklareli. I said an action plan, our esteemed City Council President is here. We launched a petition campaign under their leadership. We will hold press conferences and press releases. Together with my friends, we will set up a tent here and start a hunger strike with my council members. As long as I am the mayor of this place, no power can sign me a building license to be built here. Never, ever, I would not sign that, even at the expense of my job. This is the property of the people of Kırklareli. I only allow constructions to be offered for the benefit of the people of Kırklareli. ”

Cutioglu said, “I requested an appointment from the Prime Minister on this issue. We will meet with Selahattin Minsolmaz, a member of the Justice and Development Party. I will meet with TCDD General Manager. I will make all necessary attempts to get them back from this decision. They are looking for a procedure. No need to look for a procedure. Kırklareli Municipality is a public institution. We will definitely not allow this place to be used for rent. I know very well the sensitivity of the people of Kırklareli in this regard. In order to offer this place to the people of Kırklareli, we will increase our fight dose day by day. I sincerely believe that we will achieve this with the great support of our people of Kırklareli, whom I always trust in his right sense. ”He ended his speech.

Günceleme: 26/02/2019 16:37

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