Akçaray again on the tram line accident!

It's not a day before a new tram accident. In the evening, the tramway and the tram collided with the car

Akçaray is being used intensively by the citizens of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which has been offered to the citizens since 12 June.

Months have passed since the construction of the tram, but the drivers and pedestrians still cannot get used to the tram. That's why there are still accidents on the tram routes. Yesterday a tram that hit a pedestrian didn't realize the tram was coming.

Today, the tram around the Namık Kemal High School did not realize that the tram line and the car entered the tram collided. Frequent accidents have become almost ordinary. But citizens and drivers should also be more careful in this regard.

Source : I www.kocaelibarisgazetesi.co



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