Experts Warning Samsun Transportation; Instead of Metrobus Monorail!

Transportation systems were re-opened with the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Transportation, Planning and Rail Systems Department, starting the "Transportation Master Plan" update studies to be prepared in line with the developing technology and new transportation models needed in the city.

Tahir Çalgüner, the high city and regional planner, stated that the monorail system is a suitable transportation type for the morphological structure of the Black Sea coastal settlements; Contrary to popular belief, the Monorail system is a more economical type of transportation compared to other types of public transport. There is no expropriation problem. This system does not cause unplanned developments. The lower part can serve other types of transportation as it moves on hanging girders. Fast and safe option.

This option should be considered when Samsun Transportation Master Plan is being made. Mayor of Samsun Transportation Consultant Erhan Öncü I have seen this reminder as he proposed Metrobüs to every city he planned. In fact, a feasibility study for integrating the monorail option into the Samsun transport system is a project in itself. Samsun Municipality should establish a team of academicians and start this work. We have to make plans in the long term in order not to convert our cities to the Metrobus cemetery in the hands of Western countries.

He said Samsun city should not waste time on plans to save the day and types of outdated transportation.

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