Europe's Youngest and Most Modern Bus Fleet at IETT

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council approved the 2 Year Budget of the 140 billion 2018 million TL IETT. IETT General Manager Arif Emecen stated that IETT has the youngest and most modern bus fleet in Europe and said: “We are doing 24 thousand flights every day and we are carrying 50 million passengers every day. İ

Assembly of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), November meetings of 4. During the merger, IETT, one of the affiliated organizations of IMM, discussed the 2018 Year Budget and Performance Program.

IETT General Manager Arif Emecen, who presented the budget to the members of the assembly at the meeting, headed by IBB Parliamentary Assembly President Ahmet Selamet, announced that the average 503 new vehicle traffic in Istanbul, which is one of the largest and crowded cities in the world, and the 2,5 million special vehicle 17 has a taxi-dolmus, 395 bin 572 minibus, 6 bin 412 shuttle-minibus and 66 bin 269 bus.

METROBUS SİLİVRİ to be extended up to

IETT 146 365 24 5,15 with the annual accumulation and experience of IETT 3 hours of service is considered to provide uninterrupted service that expresses Arif Emecen, X IETT with the average age of 130 50 4 bus continues to be the latest fleet in Europe. IETT carries out 590 thousand trips a day with the buses of the Private Public Bus and Bus Co, which is responsible for its supervision and execution, and 52 carries millions of passengers. Metrobüs'da in Istanbul, which accelerates the intercontinental journey with the 45 tool we provide service. Increasing the comfort of the journey is our first goal. We continue our improvement projects with our XNUMX km and XNUMX station. With the planned Beylikdüzü-Silivri route, the people of Istanbul will have one of the fastest and most comfortable transportation services. Plan

Explaining that with the capacity increase project in Metrobus, they removed the embezzlement relationship between the driver and the bus, the bus that the driver brought while going to rest was taken to the expedition by another driver who had completed his rest, Emecen emphasized that the efficiency of the system was increased by ensuring that the vehicles remained on the line all the time. Emecen stated that approximately 17 percent capacity increase was achieved with 20-second voyages at peak hours, and that IETT received the Stevie Silver Award in 2017 in the category of the company of the year with this project. kazanhe drew attention to it.


Emecen gave information that they plan to perform a similar project in Metrobüs on platform-based basis. Man With the pilot application we started in Hacıosman peron area, minimizing the waiting times of buses in the peron area and the vehicle coming to the platform in the same way is given by another driver again. With this project, we have initiated a serious transformation in the passenger waiting areas on the platforms. We create indoor spaces where the passengers can meet the need of air-condition, television, sink and provide Wi-Fi service. We have completed Hacıosman's new passenger waiting area design projects, which are the first of this application, and put them into practice together with our Metropolitan Municipality Bu.


In order to prevent the parking of the buses on the streets and streets, the inertia stands on the idle areas of Emecen, which is working on a system that will provide regular parking for all buses serving Istanbul, by means of this project, the buses of the private public buses and buses Park and the traffic intensification will be prevented, he said.

Emecen stated that they have reorganized all bus lines that serve in Istanbul as main-feeding line model and continued as follows; Una By organizing the line structure from each neighborhood to the nearest subway or metrobus station from each neighborhood, the frequency of travel on the lines is increased and travel time is shortened. Thus, a more comfortable transportation service is provided in a shorter time. When the number of lines with 725 is re-planned according to main-feed line model, it is aimed to increase the 429 to 18 by decreasing the total line number from 13 to 50 km and to increase 4 by 25. Thanks to the feeding lines that are integrated with the metro stations, it is aimed to increase the comfort rate by 5 by making frequency planning with the 21 person per square meter. We carried out the first implementation of integrated planning in Maltepe. In the Zümrütevler area, the XNUMX line covering the entire neighborhood was opened and the expedition intervals were increased by reducing the long runs of the lines operating in the Zümrütevler area. With these lines, which are integrated free of charge to the Metro, XNUMX capacity increase has been achieved and comfort increases have been achieved on bus trips. Ya


Ti In the past year, we have increased the number of stops from 12 to 389, 850 12 700 2018 1000 all the time, UM said Emecen. De In 500, we are still working on adding 98 new closed stops. Our average distance to our stops is 3 meters. XNUMX is the percentage of the population that provides access to the stops at this distance. With the first stage of the study, which will be completed by the end of November, our XNUMX bin stop is installed with a led lighting system. Some of the energy needs of the lighting systems at these stops will also be provided by solar panels. We work with an understanding of service that is suitable for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Istanbul every day with our communication with our passengers, correct transportation planning, effective management in vehicle maintenance, route improvement, driver training and supervision, efficient use of capacity and efficiency of the institution. Yol


Emphasizing that they take care to produce innovative and technological solutions to increase service quality and solve problems, Emecen said that thanks to the Black Box project, which started to be implemented last year, proactive trainings were designed by monitoring driver performances, and improvements were made on alarm and warning systems. decreased by 21 percent. Fuel savings of 7 percent and a reduction in emissions of 6 percent were achieved. Thanks to the improvement in the driving technique of the drivers, maintenance costs have been reduced. With the Black Box application, our institution won the Stevie Bronze award in the technical innovation category of the year this year. kazanwas,” he said.

One of the breakthroughs in the field of technology, Akyolbil 2 project, indicating that Emecen, Akyolbil as a continuation of the project management of the system to be independent of people, instantaneous, trackable and reportable to be targeted, he said.


Arif Emecen, who reminded that the “Performance-Based Real Estate Model an recently passed by the IMM Assembly, will continue in order to make the transportation in Istanbul better for the citizens. Indan In the coming days, we are preparing for the realization of this model in the field. With this model, IETT will provide a service quality standard for operators of Private Public Buses and Buses. With the system aimed at increasing the quality of private transportation services, our private transporters will be focused on how to better serve the citizens. The project enabled drivers to pay more attention to these criteria. 4 percent reduction, punctuality 3 percent and 18 reduction in accidents was achieved. With the good human resources practices that this project is a part of, we received the Stevie Silver Award of the Human Resources Department of the Year in this field. De

Lean Audit System and the 250 Personnel Inspection Team continue their day-to-day audit activities and technical inspections continue uninterruptedly, and IETT said that 2 billion 140 milyan TL 2018 Year Budget will be used to provide better service to Istanbul residents. . Emecen said, ışık Your criticism and advice will shed light on and guide us to serve our Istanbul better in this difficult task. The success of management lies in will, determination and vision. We will continue our work in a timely manner and will depend on our vision. We are the closest service to public among the public institutions. We know that the only way to provide good service to Istanbul people is to listen to their needs. For this reason, we are reorganizing the communication activities based on citizen satisfaction. Bu

Later on, Mahmut Yet, Mesut Kösedağı and Erdal Tüfekçi from the CHP and Hüseyin Avni Sipahi from the CHP expressed their opinions on the 2018 Year Budget of IETT. The IETT 2018 Year Budget, which was presented after the speeches; 143 was accepted and the majority of the CHP members were approved by the majority vote, with the vote of 69.

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