Development that pleases logistics sector

UND President Çetin Nuhoğlu evaluates the sale of Ulusoy RO-RO Enterprises to UN RO-RO enterprises by the Competition Board.

Uc Our sector, which is dealing with discriminatory highway tolls in EU countries, was concerned that the RO-RO services, which are an alternative to road transport in European transports, would result in a competitive market as a result of this purchase. With the decision of the Competition Board, this possibility has been eliminated. Rekabet

Nuhoğlu said, leri We were very pleased that last week we decided that the discriminatory tolls taken from our transporters in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece were unlawful and unfair. With the start of the application, the costs of reaching the West by road will decrease and this will naturally lead to a reduction in RO-RO prices, which are alternative to the highway baş.

Pointing out the difficulties experienced in the route, Nuhoğlu said; Dur It is not a normal situation to carry vehicles with a shorter sea route and a much slower ship than a highway when a shorter highway route is being stopped. As is known, the RO-RO freight from Italy to Turkey in 1993 because of the civil war in Yugoslavia was established on Turkey means the tightening of a European transport sector. The success of this system is highly dependent on the challenges and additional costs on the route. As the difficulties in this route rise, the price of RO-RO services should decrease and the operation time should be shortened Bu.


Çetin Nuhoğlu also stated that UND declared unjustified wages and unneeded war on the highway and said: D Thanks to the decision of the European Court of Justice, the problem of unjust cost was resolved. Now the queue and the inefficiency address, such as Kapıkule customs at the gates of our lives are eliminated.

Our waiting time in Kapikule doubles the trip time.

Nuhoğlu said: ağırlıklı Our sector will prefer to use the highway mainly for transports to Europe after shortening the time on the road and eliminating unnecessary costs. Our industry is happy as the wheel returns. If these conditions are still fulfilled, then RO-RO is preferred because it is advantageous because it is not mandatory as it is today. These advantages will only be possible with a healthy competition environment in RO-RO services. The decision of the Competition Board is important in this respect. Rekabet

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