A meaningful 10 November message from Demok

Alpaslan Taylan, President of the Association of Railway Vocational School Alumni, made a meaningful statement on 10 November.

“Undoubtedly, the Great Leader Atatürk's transfer to the eternal world on November 10, 1938 has undoubtedly made the Turkish nation feel deeply sad. His sudden and sudden departure from us not only shook all the Turkish peoples deeply, but also had a great impact among other nations around the world. The common point of all the statements made by world leaders right after Ataturk's death has been his work, which he is a very rare genius who came to the world, and an example of great statesman and other world nations. In addition to his reformist and forward-looking qualities, Atatürk is also a great commander. He guided the Turkish National Struggle and said “either independence or death” with his nation, and he was undoubtedly the biggest shareholder of the victory.

The Great Leader Atatürk has realized many revolutions which are very difficult or even impossible to make even a similar, considering that the success achieved after the National Struggle is not enough. It's the biggest gift to the Turkish nation has been to establish the Republic of Turkey. by relegating the reforms that have been implemented breakthrough in our country, the Republic of Turkey among the states of the world has been instrumental in the rise respectable position. This great leader who has served his hometown until the very last moment of his short life, in which he has filled many things; Iştir Those who want to adopt me after me, if they accept the guidance of reason and knowledge on this basic axis, they become my spiritual heirs, beni stated that the republic was founded and that this would be done by working hard to advance to an advanced level in science.

That is why all the November 10s, despite the mourning we are in; It should remain as the days when Atatürk's ideas are best understood and applied. On the 10th of November, we should look for answers to the question of what we can do better for our country in the light of science and science, by understanding it better each time, making the most of its thoughts at the highest level, and getting to work immediately.

In spite of the inevitable sadness that every 10 November atmosphere has created in our souls, it will be better understood from the short remarks we made earlier that this day is a big day. For these reasons, the Turkish child, who is walking in his footsteps and feels the presence of a force that will carry the reached point further, gets the success that is expected from him and he will continue to do so.

Sleep comfortably in your eternal place! We will continue to go with you wholeheartedly, as always, was entrusted the Republic of Turkey.

May your soul be happy ... ”



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