A report on railways

30 Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway line was opened with a magnificent ceremony on October. Of course we were proud. It was announced that this road would be a train link between Beijing and London. The load of the world will be transported by train between China and consuming Europe. What a beautiful project, isn't it?

But what's the status of the railroad train around here? In this respect, we encounter a great disappointment. A reader who did not want his name written has sent me a very comprehensive railroad report. All data were taken from the official statements of TCDD, Ministry of Transport. What promises, where we are today. When he reads the report, he's very upset.

Yes, significant investments were made to the railways in the period of the AK Party. Turkey's major cities are connected to each other with speed Railway. We also appreciate them. But living in the most densely populated in Turkey, where the most intense of the goods transported between Istanbul-Adapazari. I mean, the area where our city is. The railway from Kars to Baku, 800 a few kilometers on the way to see what is the situation here.

The high speed train is extremely nice. It is very convenient to travel by high-speed train between Istanbul and Ankara. But look, from Ankara to Ankara on the fast train the day you want, you will find the tickets for the hour you want? High-speed train between Ankara-Istanbul 3 hours will be announced. There is no such situation.

The suburban train line between Adapazarı and Haydarpaşa is much more important than the High Speed ​​Train. TCDD closes the Haydarpaşa-Söğütlüçeşme-Pendik railway line on 19 June 2013. For this reason, it is announced that suburban trains will not work only ”24 months ö. Date June 2013. 24 month ended June-2015. Let's say the job is a little disrupted, the job at 2016 is over. Today is November 2017. There's still no commuter trains in the middle. In 2012, the Haydarpaşa- Adapazarı train runs 24 a day. Each train stops at the 30 stop, taking passengers down. The daily passenger capacity of these trains is 235 bin 600 people. The average 171 thousand passengers are transported per day. So the 73 of the capacity is full. The students, the workers, the people who have this day of the day, use this train. Moreover, the state is making money. Imagine that the 171 thousand people use the railway instead of the highway. How many cars are missing on the road? Today, there are 8 flights between Pendik and Adapazarı. The number of stops has dropped from 30 to 9. They call it "suburban train," but it is not.

Contractors have deceived the state. The work to be done years ago still continues. The report is really comprehensive. Several months ago, a Derbent station was opened, for example. Still, the train doesn't stop at Derbent. There are ready stations in Tuzla, Tavşancıl and Köseköy. The train doesn't stop here either. Haydarpaşa and Adapazarı stations on both ends of the line are closed.

On the other hand, motorways are repaired, motorways are disabled. While this region needs railway, the Kars-Baku road is finished first. There's something wrong with this. From where you look, the human is surprised.

Source: İsmet ÇİĞİT - www.ozgurkocaeli.com.t is



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