CHP Akar: "Citizen can not take the fast train just watching ..!"

CHP Kocaeli deputy Haydar Akar in his speech at the Parliament in both Kocaeli and Sakarya and Istanbul interest in the commuter trains carried the trains. He said that Akar citizens can only watch trains instead of riding.

In the Turkish Parliament, CHP deputy Haydar Akar brought Istanbul, Kocaeli and Sakarya to the suburban trains. Akar suburban trains can not be done in the form of high-speed trains can only watch the citizen said. In his speech at the Assembly, MP Akar said:'y Yes, the issue I want to mention today is not just about Kocaeli, but I also want to talk about an issue that concerns Sakarya and Istanbul. I want to talk about our regional trains and commuter trains. In 2012, Gebze-Haydarpaşa commuter train and Sakarya-Adapazarı-Haydarpaşa regional trains carrying 30 thousand passengers per day were stopped on the basis of high-speed train construction. Du Removed “do not say, stopped. Fast train complete. In fact, it is not completed quickly, we enter into the details, we talk about the detail, but it is an investment made, but people traveling to Istanbul from Ankara to save time, travel quality, while increasing the city was victims 3.

Who was using these regional trains and commuter trains? As we all know, students used, workers used, civil servants used, those who wanted to travel and shop between cities. Look, I'm talking about a thousand 30 a day. As of today, 19 dropped to a thousand people per month. 2012 stopped, 2015 with high-speed trains said that the transfer of regional trains and commuter trains were stopped. There are no trains from Gebze to Haydarpasa. There is nothing in the region, what fast train there is. What? The high-speed train goes to Pendik. So, with Sakarya, Adapazari and Haydarpasa? No, he doesn't. First they made it to Arifiye, then they made it to Mithatpaşa.

Look, the 24 had a separate train, there's a 8 expedition here today. There were 22 stalls, the train from Adapazarı stood in all the towns in the region until we went to Haydarpaşa, and our people in the towns were able to see both shopping and business needs. Currently 5 has been dropped to one station, 5 has been dropped to the station. Believe me, people are really victims. People were condemned to the private sector, and people were deprived of their freedom of transportation and travel. It's a big problem. Well, you say, iye We are investing. M You talk so much, you say tren High Speed ​​Train konuşuy, you know what I mean, why so many people are ignored? So you carry a 300-500 person per day by high-speed train, but you ignore a thousand 30 a day.

Yes, we need these trains urgently. These must be done as soon as possible. We all know why not. All of the high-speed trains were made with external debt, with external loans. In 2002, the 2003 in 2 got $ 1 billion damages to 13,5, today the damage of the State Railways 2002 billion pounds. 2003, 5,1'da passenger transport share of the State Railways, 4,3'den 4,3'ye was at the point reached today, and 5,1'ye fell. Yesterday you were doing a show for the Kars-Baku-Tbilisi line. Do you know the share of State Railways in freight transport, friends? Only 2003. XNUMX was on XNUMX before you.

In other words, State Railways, such a foreign borrower, and State Railways, which are debiting everyone, have not been able to carry passengers, nor have they moved a distance. Istanbulli, Sakaryali, Kocaelili, watching the same train as the same Osmangazi Bridge, can not take the train. Was it just the train? I always say that Kocaeli needs an emergency metro. All of these appear as a traffic problem, the traffic density is seen as. 2018 budget should be taken to the subway in Kocaeli, the appropriation should be allocated, should be started. I give love and respect to you all.

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  1. No matter what the pok says, If he does not go to Hosuna, Everyone gets on the Train and how fast he goes, and in the presentation, We've Come Where Where?

  2. Zafer Bey, you're wrong. As someone who used Ada Ekspresini, that train, workers, marketers, students from Kocaeli and Sakarya University, was also an environment used by day and long cycling tourers and returned to warm conversations. Now we are sentenced to buses from Alt Kaynarca or Şifa neighborhood to go to Adapazarı from Istanbul. Now, if you ask the Sakarians, he wants the train to work as before.

    Meanwhile, the speed of the train is less, the cost is expensive and you can not go beyond Pendik. Considering that two thirds of the potential train passengers in Istanbul live on the European side, Haydarpaşa-Pendik and Sirkeci-Halkalı As long as the routes are not opened, nobody will go to Pendik to get on the fast train.

    In addition, 5 in Istanbul is not a suburban city for years and that's why the traffic on the coastal roads during the working days.