Bursa İSSİAD'dan description: Istanbul Street T2 line construction should be stopped immediately

An explanation of the T2 Tram Line between Kent Square and Terminal, which has been frequently discussed and recently started to be discussed, came from Istanbul Street Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association.

İSSİAD Chairman Yakup Altınöz said, “We said TX T2 line should be taken underground as a subway 'for months and we insisted, but no matter how big the mosque, the imam read what he knew. If you want to do research throughout Bursa, a servant of God does not like the T2 line ”.

Altınöz, who spoke to Bursalılar in his statement, said, civar While the surrounding cities like Karbala become a cultural city, our beautiful Bursa was brought to a very bad point in the hands of executives without vision and mission erken. It is also possible that the road with 60 + 160 lane is 3 + 3 lane and regardless of the cost, the tunnel model should be placed underneath the tunnel model without disrupting the traffic on the top and without causing any inconvenience to the workplaces. Such investments should be made with 4-4 year in mind, not 5-10 yearly. The United States is currently based on studies in Switzerland for vehicle routes that run underground from 50 km per hour. We could not even take the simple subway of Istanbul as an example. ”

İSSİAD Chairman Yakup Altınöz stated that if the traffic is taken under ground with the opinion and project of experts, both trees and flowers and 4 + 4 lane road can be made easily, “The issue is not to beat the binder, but to reveal the truth. In order not to repeat such situations, it is necessary to question the matter in law and democracy and reveal the truth. If there is a profit to the person who made it, the next one says 'Somehow nothing happens', he repeats the same mistake and continues to eat the right of servants. For the beautiful Bursa, which has no other match in the world, it is a profit wherever the damage is returned. ”

İSSİAD Chairman of the Board Yakup Altınöz added that in the arrangement they want about T2 Line, the route up to the Terminal should be the first priority, but for future years DOSAB, Demirtaş, Ovaakça, Gemlik, Orhangazi and İznik settlement areas should be taken into consideration: “First of all, our governor, municipalities, lovers of Bursa, members of the press, ISSIAD, let us go hand in hand and do not give up our goal. The losers are the ones who just give up, let's not give up. ”

Source : I www.bursadabugun.co

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