President Türel: “3. Etap Rail System We Will Pay In 12 Years "

3 210 billion of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's 2018 draft budget, which is considered as a share of 1 draft budget allocated 847 billion 58 million pounds broke the record. The ratio of investment to budget reached the highest level with XNUMX. . Our budget is paramount and it takes precedence over investment,. Said President Türel.

With the 2017 performance report of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the draft budget of the 2018 was unanimously approved in the Metropolitan Council. Menderes Türel, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality who informed the members of the budget about the budget, said: X 2018 Antalya Metropolitan budget is an extraordinary budget and an investment priority. The figures in the previous years about the realization rate are our results. The realization rates of each year following the first year of the year were above 90. We have always stated that we will not make budgets on paper. Biz

President Türel, who compared the share of the investment allocated to the budget in the past period, said: le The investment amount of 2013 million budget of 424 of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality was 55 million liras. Today, our budget has grown. Let's say that the amount of investment maşallah received his blessing goes head. 2017 10 1 382 726 annually 2018 million pounds of our investment within the cost budget 58 million pounds. In the 2013 budget, it is clear that there is a share of approximately 55. While Antalya Metropolitan Municipality was investing 2017 million in 10, 726 has become a municipality that can make an investment in millions of years. This is a remarkable success Bu.

In 2018, Türel stated that they foresee an investment of 1 billion 847 million pounds in the draft budget and gave the following information: d While we are making these investments, we try to evaluate our resources in the best way. The staff budget, which is the largest expenditure expenditure among the items, is also extremely successful. In the 2013 year of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, 424 million personnel were saved as 181 million liras in the budget, with subcontractors. A municipality paying the 43 of the budget to the staff. That's why he didn't get any money for the investment. What are we doing now? Here we are showing the success of increasing the budget of the fly by removing the oil of the fly. In 2015, our personnel expenses including subcontractors have fallen to 38. 2016 in the year 33'e fell. 2017's 10 monthly performance also reduced our total personnel expenses to 25 including subcontractors. We do not see enough, in 2018 we will attract it to 18, including subcontractors. This is a great savings. It is a great success story. Mü

President Türel, who provided information on the borrowing figures of the Metropolitan Municipality, said: veren We have received 2014 million TL in 16. We never borrowed money at 2015. 2016 million in 66, 2017 204 million pounds in total borrowing has been. Our 4 286 million in total debt figure we received annually. So how do you get a debtor municipality, I will present to your appreciation. As of 30 March 2014, we have inherited a debt of 1 billion 275 million TL. That's four times the cost of that day's expense. Today, we have a Metropolitan Municipality that owes as much as the expense budget. So far we have paid 1 billion 70 million Turkish Liras in total. In other words, the Metropolitan Municipality pays its debt, goes to limited borrowing, increases its investments in a very strong way, and decreases the personnel expenses in a remarkably significant way. If the four main pillars of the budget are the backbone, the budget performance of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is a success story. Nobody can deny it. If not, these investments will not happen. Böyle

In the borrowing figures in 2018, Türel said that there is a borrowing cost of about 700 million TL due to the third stage rail system project in terms of the procurement technique. But we have to put all this on the 12 year so that we can tender the project. When you see these numbers, you can understand the Metropolitan Municipality as if you are going to borrow too much. But this is not the case in real terms. Ama

Mr. Menderes Türel, who stated that the budget of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is exactly equivalent to 2017 budget, Tür 31 October 2017 1 077 million pounds 1 billion pounds 382 million pounds, our total revenue amount goes. In this expense, 225 million TL configuration, credit main money, entrusted payments, such as 2016 and pre-trades, contractors, contractors to pay payments to the previous year, the cost of the previous year is almost equal to the cost of a reduction in payments. That is why this equivalent budget, today is actually the most important reason why these investments can be done in a strong way, O he said.

He added that the budget performance of the Metropolitan Municipality has reached a remarkable point and that international credit institutions, especially Fitch, have given the right to this effect. I Our BB + rating is an investment-grade municipality, as was the case in previous years. Maintaining this performance rating is one of the most important indicators of our budget being implemented successfully Bu.

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