President Türel, 4 Neighborhood 3. About the Phase Rail System Project

Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Turel, 5 3 Phase Rail System Project to be held on Sunday November in the record attendance and a strong yes to the referendum, said: We have seen the support of the people behind us, we get love, Halk he said.

Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Türel, 3. Labor, New Neighborhood, Karşıyaka and Yeni Emek neighborhoods. Meeting, AK Party Provincial President Riza Sumer, Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü, council members, mukhtars and citizens attended.

Before the 2004, Kepez, which is called Antalya's backyard garden, stated that they have turned Antalya into a front garden and promised that they will be in Kepez in Konyaaltı and Muratpaşa. Now, from the rail system to the smart city applications, from the multi-level intersections to the boulevards, from all kinds of infrastructures to urban changes. Hakan President Kubez after a single wing with 2009'ı flew. After the 2014 we're flying with a double wing. X

Mayor Türel continued his words as follows: “We are at your presence for the biggest project of Antalya in terms of figures. 3. Stage Rail System Project is a project to be realized with 23 km and an investment budget of 700 million TL. No project in Antalya has had such great value so far. 23 of the route covering 21 districts passes through the neighborhoods including Kepez. We have an understanding of politics with the people, not despite the people. We do not take big projects without asking the public. Not only in the third stage, but in Şarampol, Ali Çetinkaya, formerly Çallı intersection, now in the July 15th Democracy Martyrs Overpass application, in the second stage, we first get the opinion of the public in many applications. If our people say, 'Come on, plaster the president's arms, get on with this', we are doing what is necessary. Even if there is a project that the public does not want, then we are busy with other jobs. "

Explaining that they did not want the people to do projects, President Türel said, ık During the preparation of the Sarampol Street, the car park area was discussed. We said we should ask the public. They said we do not want. We also said thank you if you don't want the locals. In the second stage rail system project 22 neighborhood 8 bin 400 citizen went to the polls. 98.42 said yes. In the first period 'Menderes lost the election because of the train' was a lot. We said that if Antalya will win, we are always willing to lose. That's why we said that we will not take big steps in this period without asking the public. Now that's what we're doing. If you say yes, Kepez is a new pearl necklace like 3. We will gain the stage route and begin construction as December, January and complete in a year. Etap

Pointing out that some segments are constantly trying to discredit their services, President Menderes Türel said: “They say what is the use of this rail system for citizens. Maybe it will go easier from one place to another. In the neighborhoods on the rail system route, all properties increase many times the values ​​of residences, houses, shops and commercial areas. Those neighborhoods are getting richer. Kepez is getting rich. And they say what good is it for us? An investment of 700 million TL is a support to Antalya's economy, tradesmen, merchants and business owners. Hundreds of our brothers will have a job here, will own bread. How will we solve this unemployment if we do not open new business areas? What has the Boğaçayı Project helped me with? 10 thousand people will have bread in it. How can you not see that. An investment of 1 billion TL will be made in Boğaçayı, which will contribute to the enrichment of Antalya and the enrichment of Antalya. How can you not see this. Since they had not seen it anyway, they could not build one intersection, one meter rail system after us. "

President Turel gave information about the 5 referendum and voting in the 23 neighborhood on Sunday: “In this region you will have the chance to vote in our 4 neighborhood. Karşıyaka Perihan Esat Aral Secondary School brothers sitting in the neighborhood, our brothers sitting in the neighborhood of General Şadi Çetinkaya Elementary School, Yenimahalle in Yenimahalle Elementary School, the people in the neighborhood of Yeni Emek Abdülkadir Özkan Elementary School can vote. The referendum is held with a full election discipline. You have the right to vote from 08.00 in the morning to 17.00 in the evening. Not only the voters living in this neighborhood, but also those who have a job in this neighborhood vote with a copy of the chamber of commerce or trades register document written by their addresses. ”

Kepez'den record participation and a strong Yes expecting Türel, katılım 2. 8 bin 400 citizen at the stage said yes to 98.42. The record is worthy of you. On Sunday we expect all our citizens to the polls. Because we have no power other than your support. We can't do anything until we're not behind you. We see that support behind us, the love that can hold us. Support you from us. If you say yes you do not stop in our way to continue to say, yol he said.

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