President Türel, 3 Neighborhood 3. Explained the Stage Rail System Project

Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Turel, 3 5 23 related to the Phase 1 Rail System Project in November, XNUMX said in a referendum in the neighborhood expects support from citizens with a strong Yes.

Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel held an information meeting on the 5rd Stage Rail System Project referendum to be held on November 3 in Kültür, Yenidogan and Fabrikalar neighborhoods. The meeting was attended by Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü, AK Party Kepez District President Yusuf İşeri, headmen and citizens. Stating that they are on the eve of realizing a very important project related to public transportation, Mayor Türel said, “We value our Antalya and our neighborhoods. kazanWe pursued projects that would continue. Sometimes they say, what is this rail system to us? kazanwill he cry? Maybe we will go from one place to another more easily in the city, but what will be its contribution to our budget? The rail system adds value to the trade and real estate prices of the route it passes, as well as its ease of transportation. Prices are skyrocketing. such value kazanThe quality of the city is increasing and the values ​​of the city are increasing with the projects that are durable.”

The best example of participatory management in Turkey stating that they Turel in Antalya, said: "2. We asked for our stage rail system in the 22 neighborhood on the route. 98.42 of our citizens, yes we want this rail system, said we want to roll up the arms and a world record by breaking the 5.5 18 km by completing the line, we put our nation's service. We asked our citizens how the Sharampol and Ali Çetinkaya street arrangement were, if they said yes and did so after that. Rail system 2. The 3 is now the next time we ask. In your approval in the stage. If you say yes, we don't stop and we keep going. Ders

3. President Menderes Türel stated that they will vote in the 23 neighborhood on the Stage Rail System route, and mah 2 thousand 22 people attended 8 neighborhood in the referendum of 400. Now we are asking in 22 neighborhood instead of 23. Of course, more participation is required. And Kepezimize is worthy of breaking this record. None of these services is the Menderes Türel project. These projects are your project. We are your servants. We do these projects for you. The court is not a woman. These works are going to serve our nation for centuries, while we are leaving one day. Biz

Referring to the referendum, President Türel said: ı 5 I would like to be sensitive about participation on Sunday. Our fellow citizens in our culture neighborhood will be able to vote at Ersoy Primary School in our primary school, in the neighborhood of Yenidoğan, in Kepez İmam Hatip Secondary School, in our factories. Our referendum is made with the seriousness of the election. We receive voter lists from election boards. You will say yes or no on the ballot in the cabins by acquiring your identities. That's how it happens in the elections. You are voting between 8.30-17.00 hours. All chests will be opened and counted transparently in front of everyone. Ik

President Türel, 3. He gave the following information about the Phase Rail System Line Project: di Our new line consists of 23 km. It starts next to the old municipality of Varsak. We are coming to Sakarya Boulevard, Kepez Municipality. We return to Sakarya Boulevard from the Municipality of Kepez and come to the underground as we arrive at the bus station. We come from the underground to Dumlupınar Boulevard and towards the university direction. We are passing through the Faculty of Medicine, we are coming to Meltem from the university campus and the Training and Research Hospital. We combine nostalgia with the tram. We're going where you want with a transfer. We can reach anywhere with the modern modern public transportation vehicle. Çağdaş

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel concluded his speech as follows: “In the 2014 municipal elections, the Metropolitan Municipality kazanWhen we said that we will fly Kepez biplane. Now, Kepez, Kültür, Ahatlı, Factories, all these neighborhoods are flying biplanes. It is the result of our cooperation, our cooperation, our heart-to-heart work and our appeal to the hearts. These projects are carried out with the signatures and support of our President, our Prime Minister, our Minister of Foreign Affairs, our Ministers, and our government. On November 5th, I invite you all to the polls and ask for your support with a strong yes. We need strong support so that we can perform these services strongly. The main thing in our projects is you, our nation. We say that both words and decisions belong to our nation.”

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