Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Train Arrived in Mersin 10 Hours Ago

The first train of the "Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Railway Line" reached Mersin, where it will unload its load.

The General Director Veysel Kurt welcomed the train.

600 with tons of tons of the expected arrival time 10 hours earlier than the arrival of Mersin has created a great joy.

The first train of BTK, the journey farewell ceremony from 30 October Azerbaijan, 76 kilometers Turkey, 259 kilometers Georgia, 503 kilometers Azerbaijan line located on the territory surpassing 40 hours Kars, and on 04 November 2017 expected time of 10 hours early as load to reach the Mersin has reached.

"It is truly a corridor of brotherhood and friendship that will connect Europe to China through our country, and again China to Europe through our country."

Welcoming the train, TCDD Tasimacilik AS General Manager Veysi Kurt made a statement to the journalists here and said: “As you know, this train was sent off from Baku 75 hours ago with the participation of our President, the President of Azerbaijan, the prime ministers of Kazakhstan, Georgia and Uzbekistan. Normally we were planning to arrive from Baku in 80 hours. But Turkey, but this track is 40 hours ahead of schedule came here 10 hours ago. Thus, Turkic Republics and Turkey, Georgia and created a corridor between China very important. We are proud and happy to deliver our first train in this corridor to Mersin, its destination today, 10 hours ahead of time. As TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ, we want to say good luck and good luck to our industrialists, our region and our countries ”.

"The loads arrived safely and without disruption on the approximately 4.695 kilometer railway"

Emphasizing that this corridor is very important, Kurt said, “It is truly a corridor of brotherhood and friendship that will connect Europe through our country to China and again China through our country to Europe. Thanks to everybody for their exertion. Hopefully after this railway line with Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkey-Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan friendship between us and Georgia, our brotherhood would be better and beautiful. This train is a 900 ton train. There are 600 tons of wheat in our train. It consists of 30 containers. You know, this train set off from Kazakhstan. Turkey-Georgia border between the station Ahilkelek even comes up large, our country continues to hereinafter line with European standards. Therefore, we took our train from Azerbaijan railway wagons in Ahılkelek one day ago and transferred it to our wagons. Therefore, studies are going very fast there. The services of our customs organization and the Ministry of Agriculture in Kars were really fast. We find that in Kazakhstan up to about 4.695 kilometers from Turkey loads safely, easily comes up to Mersin flawless manner. By the way, our first train brought its cargo to Mersin. I hope our industrialists from Mersin will benefit more from this. " said.

Chief Machinist Yiğit:: The train was delivered to its destination. The journey was very good. Yolculuk

Chief Machinist Halil Yiğit, who was one of the mechanics who delivered the first train to Mersin, said, “We have transported the train to Mersin with our other machinists by changing region by region. The train arrived at its destination very well and successfully. The journey went very well. Glad to meet. We are very happy on behalf of our state, on behalf of our state ”.

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