Minister Arslan gave the date for Istanbul's suburban train lines

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, Istanbul"We will finish the whole system before the end of Halkalı`or will integrate each other and put into the service of Istanbul residents.

Arslan presented the “10. In his speech at the International Istanbul Transportation Congress and Fair, he said that transportation is a part of life for those living and growing in Istanbul.

Arslan said that he had come to Istanbul for the first time at 1977 and that they had great troubles from time to time and said:

Döneminde I was the chief engineer at Pendik Shipyard during the mayor's office. At that time, it was important to find solutions to the transportation problems of Istanbul and to show that the integration of all types of transportation is very important when producing solutions. As one of those who have experienced these problems and are the stakeholders of the solution, I say that if you can solve the public transportation problem of a city like Istanbul, you will have no doubt that you will produce solutions all over the world. ”

Armstrong, knowing the integration of transport modes with each other and live with the experience they get from Istanbul how important Turkey's transport and communications said that in order to produce solutions to allow them to go into business together.

Arslan from Turkey throughout the year 2003 explaining what they have done today, in all forms of transport as a result of the planned study said they take a lot of ways.

Arslan, this year's 8 thousand 773 thousand vehicles, the average 3 thousand 700 vehicles per day, expressed that the traffic, both to produce solutions to them and to promote public transport said.

Arslan stated that suburban systems on both sides of Istanbul were included in the agenda of the subway standard.

“There were complaints from Istanbul residents that you closed the suburban lines but there is no work. It is a pleasure to say that in recent times '24 work for hours, sometimes disturb us at night' complaints. Therefore, we apologize for the inconvenience of Istanbul residents, but let them know that the suburban systems have been returned to the subway standard from Gebze. HalkalıUntil today, we add our night to the Marmaray quality and transportation with the vehicles of Marmaray.

2018 will finish the entire system without having to end. Both sides of Gebze HalkalıWe will integrate each other up to and put into service of the people of Istanbul. Let the people of Istanbul know that we are almost fully integrated with the rail systems of our Metropolitan Municipality. ”

Arslan pointed out that the Eurasian Tunnel serves nearly one thousand 50 vehicles per day and said, bir A vehicle leaving the Historical Peninsula, directly from the Historical Peninsula, Kasimpasa, Karakoy, Besiktas and Taksim. and 5 passes to the Asian side in minutes. This 1,5 hour cruising time comes down to 15 minutes, saving time and fuel and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, as well as those vehicles that do not have to visit the Historic Peninsula, do not harm the Historic Peninsula. ”


  1. Syin minister says that 40 is making use of YHT or this ratio is not more than 20%. Because Ankara and Pendik YHT stations are not accessible. Why not, you know Istanbul, Pendik goes beyond. In Ankara, Gara does not have any public transportation connection for any rail city. The connection of AŞTİ willow in ankara should be made as soon as possible and the passengers should be able to reach the station with the band system from Maltepe station in a closed area without ever going out. Train ankara, this is what I call Istanbul HalkalıWhen it reaches to 40% of the population will become service.birde BTK and interconnected Kars adana-mersin passenger line should be opened.

  2. Transportation is a technology that does not accept mistakes that require a lot of labor.
    Must be worked very carefully