Apaydın: Atatürk Starts the Construction of the Country with Railway

The founder of our republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, was commemorated with a ceremony held at the TCDD Conference Hall on the 79th anniversary of his death.

TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınVeysel Kurt, General Manager of TCDD, and railwaymen joined.

TCDD General Manager after respect and independence İsa Apaydın In his speech, the occupation forces invaded the homeland based on Mondros Armistice, under the leadership of the Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk from seventy to seventy of our nation reminded us that the National Struggle was launched.

In the victory of the National Struggle in Ankara-Eskişehir-Kütahya-Afyon railway trains operated in the railway, soldiers, weapons and ammunition, such as our army, all kinds of logistical needs to meet the important role played Apaydın, said:

Güv During the National Struggle, Atatürk emphasized the importance of the railways as' Railways are a more important safety weapon of a country than a wholesale gun ine. .

In the era of Atatürk who underlined that railways are the pioneer of economic, social and cultural development with the words; Railways are a sacred torch that illuminates a country with civilization and prosperity lights'; 80 thousand km railway was built in 3 in the eastern regions with harsh geographical conditions.

In spite of the difficulties of the country that was newly formed from the war, we experienced the golden period of the railroads with the lines built within a short time, and our people have been in business and love with the industrial facilities established along the railway lines. Savaş


'With the departure of our Great Leader, rail investments, especially for more than half a century since 1950, have slowed down, and then have been forgotten and left to their fate.

Since 2003, we have launched a new railway mobilization with the support of our President and the support of our governments to re-establish the railroads that have played important roles in writing this country's destiny line, üzere said Apaydın. stressed.

With these investments; Apaydın stated that they have implemented many projects such as renewal of conventional lines, logistics centers, urban rail transportation, modernization of towing and towing vehicles, electricity and signalization, especially for the construction of high-speed railways.

. I would like to emphasize that you have a lot more work to do in front of us while expressing our gratitude by expressing that we have accomplished this with your day to day work.

2023 3.500 km high speed, 8.500 km speed and 1.000 km conventional railway construction to make all our lines electric and signaled, our national trains to reach our goals to reach the rails.

However, when we reach these goals, we can realize the dream of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to reach the level of our country.

That's when we can be the railway lovers who love Atatürk.

With these feelings and thoughts, I commemorate Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk with his gratitude and gratitude once again in the 79 year of his departure.

I hope it will be heaven. Mek


In his speech at the ceremony, Veysi Kurt, General Director of TCDD Transportation Inc. emphasized that during the Mustafa Kemal Atatürk era, the railroads had a golden age and the average 200 km railway was built annually. Ğı 'We are sending our gratitude and gratitude to our friends and other colleagues.'

Kurt said, sah Today we have the power and the power to make 200 km rail a year. I would like to thank everyone, especially the President, who gave us this power and support. Bize

The ceremony ended with the screening of the movie “Railway Lover Atatürk” prepared by the Press and Public Relations Consultancy.



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