3 in Antalya. Said yes to the Stage Rail System Project

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's 3. 13 thousand 287 citizens participated in the referendum on the Phase Rail System Project. 97.63 percent of the participants "yes we want to do the project," he said. The decision of the nation's president Türel said the decision, according to the preference of the nation at the beginning of the project will hit the first dig.

Participatory, transparent management approach, the mayor of Turkey's most popular referendum that Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Turel, 3 As with all large projects. He also asked the people about the Stage Rail System Project. Previously, the Rail System 2'nın Stage, Sharampol Project, Transportation Master Plan, Çallı Overpass Project, East Garage and Surrounding Urban Design Project, Triangle-Storey Car Park Project, which determines the fate of the people of Antalya, 3. Once again for the Phase Rail System Project went to the polls. People's interest was intense in the election referendum.

23, where the project will be implemented, was held on the voter lists from the election boards. Despite the weekend, citizens flocked to the polls to vote. In the referendum, citizens came with their identities and used their signature counterpart. The time operation starting at 08.00 ended at 17.00. In the referendum on the secret ballot method, the citizens preferred to choose one of the dam Yes us or “No” insults in the cabins and threw them in the crate envelopes.

President Menderes Türel visited the chests in neighborhood neighborhood schools during the referendum. Thanking the citizens participating in the referendum, Türel gave a gift from the cups prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality in memory of the day. The people of Antalya said: “We are pleased to have a date with the vote. We would like to thank our President for making this historical moment immortalized with this gift. Bu

3. 13 thousand 287 citizens participated in the Referendum of the Stage Rail System Project. The referendum was the highest in the referendums made to date.

13 bin 15 said ın I want the project to be done un and 249 used no choice. The vote was also invalid. The rate of those who voted yes was 23 and the rate of those who said no was 97.63.

Mayor Menderes Türel stated that Antalya once again gave a democracy lesson to the whole world and said, el The understanding of our municipality in terms of participatory management and democratic management is a benefit for our democracy. I mean, we don't have the understanding that we're chosen. Participants, transparent management, the necessity of democracy in these referendums are taking the opinion of our people, '' he said.

Türel stated that they want the project to be done with 97.63 on the percentage of the people of Antalya, ile What our people say. Support them from us. Our nation determines our road map. The people of Antalya asked us to do the project with a strong yes. We also call on the road to the stop to continue. 700 million pounds in the year of this giant project with a million pounding. Our goal is to complete in 1 years, Hedef he said.

Starting from Varsak Bus Terminal, University, Courthouse and Meltem Neighborhood, State Hospital in the direction of the third stage of the railroad system will extend to the Museum region will be about 23 km long. In addition, the current nostalgic tram system will be completely renewed and connected to this new line. Thus, the most important points of Antalya, such as the airport, bus station, university, courthouse, hospital, Kalekapısı can be reached by direct rail system.

In the referendums held until today, the majority of the citizens attended the vote.



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