24 Hours Uninterrupted Transportation Starts in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality's 24-hour uninterrupted city transportation service, EGO General Manager Balamir Gündoğdu announced at 24.00:XNUMX at Güvenpark bus stops, to the bus drivers and passengers, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. It started with serving baklava on behalf of Mustafa Tuna.

General Manager Gündoğdu told reporters next to the bus that will make the first expedition, “Our President, Assoc. Dr. With the instruction of Mustafa Tuna, residents of Ankara will now be able to travel to our 9 metropolitan districts with our EGO buses. Our first time starts here. "Good luck to the people of Ankara."

Gundogdu, who informed that there will be 90 or 35 flights that address 280 percent of the passengers in the capital city after midnight, with uninterrupted transportation service, said:

“We will have normal services until 35:02 at 00 and even at night. It will then continue at 3, 4 and 5, once every hour. We will start regular flights at 06:00 in the morning. We are here for this app today. Mr. President wanted to offer sweet treats to our drivers. We have 5 regions in Ankara. The bus waits in these regional offices. We sent the desserts there too.

In addition to the buses, our metro services have been extended until 01:00 at night. It used to take until 11:30. Our rings will continue for our metro passengers. We will not victimize our citizens there either. We see this as a social service. For now, we do not think that we will enter into any application due to the low or high number of passengers. While we were determining the 35 lines, we decided according to the passenger potential. With these lines, we address 90 percent of the bus passengers in the capital city. If requests come from places other than this 35 line, they will be evaluated later. "



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