Akçaray Tram Line Will Be Reached

2017 by the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli 2.2 of the Akçaray tram line which was offered to the citizens in August. The stage auction will be held on 2 December 7. Starting from the Seka State Hospital and reaching to the beach road, Akçaray Tram Line 2017. It is aimed to facilitate the transportation of the İzmit School District with its bazaar. In this way, students in schools will accelerate their transportation to the bazaar. 2 tenders will be held in December.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is extending the Akçaray Tram line in order to provide faster access to the students in the schools of the Izmit Schools. Metropolitan Municipality 2.2 km 2. As a result of the tender realized within the scope of the stage project, the contractor will indicate that the contract will be made in two parts. Thousand 600 meters Seka State Hospital - The first section consisting of the Schools Region will be made available to students who are studying in 300 days. The second part of the 600 meter, which will be completed later in the project, will be completed in 240 days. The whole project will be completed in 540 days. Thus, the project consists of two parts in order to ensure that the students of the Metropolitan Municipality schools do not expect the entire project to finish.


Akçaray Tram line 2, which has won the admiration of the people of Kocaeli with daily usage records. The new station 4 will be held. 2.2 2 km long. Stage stations will be located at Seka State Hospital, Congress Center, Schools District and Beachway. 15 km 5 to the existing tram line 2 km. Tram line length in Kocaeli will be increased to 22 km with the addition of Etap tramway line.


12 vehicles as well as 2 working on the existing tram line of the Metropolitan Municipality. The new tramway vehicle will be bought at 6 with the Stage Tramway project. As a result of the circular of the relevant ministry, at least 51 of the tram cars will be composed of vehicles produced by domestic production. In addition to the 12 tramway vehicle in the hands of the Metropolitan Municipality, this number will be increased to 6 by adding a new tramway vehicle.

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