What will be the status of the Kırklareli Historical Terminal?

Kırklareli 100 annual historical symbol of the Kırklareli station building for the TCDD tender decision was taken by the people of Kirklareli.

Kirklareli, which is the symbol of Kirklareli, has not been used for many years. Regional Directorate 1 announced that it will launch the Kırklareli Gar Building on November. 24-tiered railway station, 2 storey housing, 2 storey housing, 39 storey 863 40 964 1 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX Regional Directorate will be rented for Social, Cultural and Commercial purposes.
The people of Kırklareli, who learned that the historic station building will be auctioned bizim This is our historical symbol. This place should not be traded. This place is preserved and sold to the public. As the people of Kırklareli, we will call this tender. K

Provincial Chairman Başkur; , It is my open call to the people of my city, their bureaucrats, the rulers of the ruling party “
Making a significant statement regarding the tender of the Kırklareli Train Station, CHP Kırklareli Provincial President Ünal Başkur noted the following in his statement. “It is an open call to the people of Kırklareli, to the bureaucrats of my city, to the representatives of the ruling party. My thoughts on the station area, with the decision of the state railways, published on November 24, 2017 that it will put the station and buildings in tender. The station area was given to Kırklareli University for 2010 years in 10. However, the use of the area has not been realized by the university and the area maintenance is carried out by Kırklareli Municipality. The station area is in bad condition due to its ownership ”

”The building of the station was abandoned to its fate“
Iştir Although it has been demanded many times since 2009 by the Kırklareli municipality, no allocation has been made and the area has been left to its fate. This area is the breathing point of the people of Kırklareli. It is a green area that divides the city. It cannot be approved for a commercial tender for a public domain. Maybe at some points (such as the main building) commercial purpose may be considered, but the whole area cannot be approved to open to the 40.000 m2 commercial enterprise, We do not approve nok

Eli Transfer to the people of Kırklareli ”
Redil My suggestion is that the 100 annual historical building of Kırklareli should be transferred to the people of Kırklareli and Kırklareli Municipality. However, some units of the area may be awarded. And again I say that all other open areas should be transferred to the Kırklareli Municipality and the people of Kırklareli eli.

Kırklareli City Council signature campaign
In order to claim the legacy of the Kırklareli City Council for the historical area, they started a signature campaign for the Kırklareli Festival area, which is home to many concerts and the largest green area, as well as the people of Kırklareli.

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