Caring for the Death at Uludag Cable Car Line

The cable car that provides access to Uludağ was taken care of before the winter season. Workers in the 45 meter-high poles, citizens to serve as soon as possible to defeat the cold despite the cold, said they would finish the maintenance as soon as possible. Normal people look at the height of the head to turn to dance at the height of the audience is amazed by the audience.

In the days before the opening of the winter tourism season, the maintenance of the tourists and the residents of Bursa to Uludağ started. High level security measures are taken and only trained and certified parts are maintained.

Yavuz Serkan Karakoç, Ski Lift Operating Engineer, said: “We are currently carrying out direct and station maintenance of the cable car. Despite the cold, our teams are trying to make the customers travel more safely. We do these treatments twice a year as winter and summer care at 6 per month. There are 6 people who are doing this maintenance for many meters. Our teams are now used. That's our job. Those who see us from outside are watching with fear. Cable car maintenance on Friday after the completion of periodical maintenance and test service Teferrüç-Hotels Zone on Saturday will enter the service between the line said.

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