Denizli OIZ to TCDD

In order to minimize transportation costs in industrial, domestic and import-export and transit transports, it is planned to bring a loading-unloading station in the adjacent area to Izmir-Alsancak Port.

In this context; Denizli Organized Industrial Zone Directorate General Directorate of State Railways of the Republic of Turkey on the result of attempts made before the region was requested to examine the technical team. Then, the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways appointed TCDD. Railways 7. Regional Director Adem Sivri, 7. Regional Logistics Manager Murat Selet, TCDD General Directorate Modernization Office Superstructure Branch Manager Gökhan Tacim, 7. Regional Modernization Service Manager Yusuf Tetik, 7. Regional Modernization Service Assistant Manager Ali Yılmaz, 74. Railway Maintenance Manager Murat Taşbaş, Map Engineer Yunus Emre Öncül, 3. Region Road Maintenance Chief Özgür Çekiç, 3. Regional Logistics Chief Ercan Başer visited the Regional Directorate.

The delegation from the General Directorate of State Railways of Turkey; Chairman of the Board of Directors of Denizli OSB Mr. M. Abdülkadir Uslu was welcomed by Osman Uğurlu, Member of the Board of Directors.

As a result of the study conducted within the scope of this visit, some areas were shown to the Technical Committee of the Railways by the OIZ and an area was agreed upon. It was decided to continue the project through this designated area.

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