Train crash in Congo: 34 dead

More than 34 people were reported killed in a train crash in the southeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

More than 34 civilians were killed in the accident in the southeast of the country. Georges Kazadi, one of the Lubudi district officials, stated that 13 wagons of the train carrying cargo from Lubumbashi to Luena derailed and rolled into the abyss in the Lualaba region.

Noting that there were many illegal passengers on the train, Kazadi reported that more than 30 people died in the accident and many people were injured.

Explaining that the train carried fuel tanks and 13 of the 11 wagons caught fire after the accident, Kazadi said that a team of experts was sent to the region to enlighten the incident.

Railways in the Democratic Republic of the Congo were built in 1960, when independence was gained. The most worn railways in the country are located in the region where the accident took place.

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