Minister Arslan: "3rd Airport Finished by 73 Percent"

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan stated that the pace of progress in the construction of the Istanbul New Airport was satisfactory and said, "As of today, we have achieved 73 percent progress." said.

Arslan, who made a review at Istanbul New Airport, told reporters in airport construction that the number of airports has increased from 15 to 26 in the past 55 years, and the number of passengers has increased from 34,5 million to 180 million, and they aim to close 2017 with the number of 189 million passengers.

Arslan touched on the added value that Istanbul New Airport, which was built for Istanbul to become a hub in aviation, due to its insufficiency, despite the fact that Atatürk Airport operates at maximum capacity, both in terms of employment and economy.

Stating that they will put the first phase of the Istanbul New Airport to serve 90 million passengers approximately one year later, on October 29, Arslan noted that they will present this airport to the service of both the people of the country and the world air transportation.

Arslan said, “Progress rate is satisfying. As of today, we have made 73 percent progress. In the summer season, 32 thousand people were working. Currently, we can not do some of our work done in the summer with the cooling of the weather. Currently, 30 thousand 50 people work. 4 thousand of this is white collar. ” spoke in the form.

Arslan, the end of the airport will reach the number of 35 thousand employees reported again.

“All the planes will approach the blower and land their passengers so”

Ahmet Arslan said that when the airport is over, they will serve 3 airplanes per day, and they say that they are now a "record" when they catch the thousand 500 numbers at Atatürk Airport. Stating that they will serve 500 airline companies here, Arslan said that they will reach 150 destinations from Istanbul New Airport.

Arslan, continued:

“There will be 371 aircraft parking spaces at Istanbul New Airport. This number will increase to 454 when the entire airport is finished. All the planes coming here will approach the blower and land their passengers. No parking in the open and downloading passengers. This is a very important difference. The second difference is this; All of the vehicles serving for service will pass through 22 kilometers of tunnels and galleries. No passing through the apron, the taxiway. ”

“There will be 9 thousand cameras at the airport”

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Arslan stated that within the scope of the airport construction, 4 million 200 thousand cubic meters of concrete, 1 million cubic meters of asphalt were poured and 460 thousand tons of rebar was used. Explaining that 130 thousand flats can be constructed with this amount of rebar, Arslan said that 100 thousand structural steel is used and this is equal to the amount of steel used in 14 Eiffel Towers.

Arslan said the airport terminal has a single roof of 461 thousand square meters, and that the roof is the size of the 58 football field.

Arslan informed him that 6 bin 200 rooms would be in this terminal, and that from the entrance of the passenger to the airport, everything will be monitored instantaneously. Arslan noted that these cameras could also be used to guide the passenger through intelligent intervention on the system.

“Elevators, bellows and escalators are installed”

Ahmet Arslan, the airport's first run very serious progress, the tests have been done, the first aircraft after landing the lines told the aircraft. Arslan stated that the first aircraft could land at the end of the year or at the beginning of 2018 and that the concrete and asphalt operations on the second runway will be finished by the end of this month.

Touching on the importance of the luggage system for airports, Arslan said, “The 42-kilometer conveyor in the luggage system was laid. Tests and final adjustments are made. The construction of this 7-kilometer luggage system will be completed by placing the last piece on December 42. Installation of 28 blowers was started. More than 300 elevators, escalators, and escalator equipment were brought to the field and some of them were assembled. ” used expressions.

100 bin employment in the first place

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Arslan, 100 thousand people when the first part of the airport is opened, 2023 200 will provide employment for a thousand people when the whole project is finished.

Emphasizing the contribution of aviation to the national economies, Arslan emphasized that when the entire airport is finished, it will directly and indirectly create an economic size of 4,89 percent of the country's GDP.

Arslan said that transportation is the locomotive of all sectors and that they continue to work day and night on transportation projects in the country.



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