CHP, Istanbul's Metrobus for the action has taken action

For the metrobus, which has become a bitterness of Istanbulites and increasingly jeopardizes the security of life and property, the CHP has called for the establishment of a research commission. The proposal submitted by the CHP to the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the development of alternative transportation models to relieve the traffic of Istanbul, millions of TL given to the review of tenders and the problem was addressed in all dimensions.

In addition to making Istanbul traffic increasingly irreplaceable, the CHP asked for a parliamentary investigation for metrobus, which also poses serious dangers in terms of security of life and property.

In the rationale of the research proposal given by the CHP Istanbul deputy Selina Doğan and the signature of the 20 deputy to the Presidency of the Parliament, the metrobus, introduced as a konforlu fast, comfortable and safe gerek means of transportation, has become much more than its capacity in time and has become a thousand people. Metrobus overcrowded because of the overcrowding of Istanbul for the reason stated that the passengers were transported in the form of fish.

In the rationale of the proposal, it was stated that the al secure kaz IETT asserted that ın safe kaz traffic accidents occurred after almost every week with death and injuries and the traffic flow stopped after the accidents.

Tekerlekli The transportation problem in no metropolitan area in the world has been solved by rubber wheeled vehicles. Although those who manage Istanbul know that temporary solutions are made and Istanbul traffic has become inextricable iş, it is stated that for this kind of workarounds the budget of the municipality is very large.

Mek The problem of metrobus, which is directly related to hundreds of thousands of people, is becoming increasingly inevitable and an urgent solution to this problem, which has become the suffering of the Istanbulites. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality does not fulfill its responsibilities and does not take any measures in this regard.

For this reason, the solution to the problem of metrobus, the development of alternative transportation models to relieve the traffic of Istanbul, to examine the tenders of the Metrobus given to millions of TL and to address a problem in all dimensions of the Parliament has to be opened.

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