Antalya 3. 13 bin 287 people participated in the Project of the Phase Rail System Project

There was a feast of democracy in Antalya yesterday. The 3 Phase 1 Rail System Project referendum is the most popular referendum in Antalya, where the 13 bin 287 and the Metropolitan Municipality have been held. 97.63 percent of the crates out of the yes created joy. Antalya, happy to contribute to the contribution of the project with the votes of the votes, "the public is a virtue to ask projects," he said.

Participatory, transparent management approach, the mayor of Turkey's most popular referendum that Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Turel, gave a lesson in democracy once again. As promised in the decision of the nation's President Türel, Rail System 2'nci Stage, Shampoos Project, Transport Master Plan, Calli Overpass Project, East Garage and Surrounding Urban Design Project, as in the Triangle-Storey Car Park Project 3. The Stage Rail System Project was presented to the public for approval. The referendum in the 23 neighborhood was the scene of a democracy feast. 3. Antalya, who wish to determine the fate of the Phase Rail System Project themselves, running the ballot even though the weekend, the vote was passed by the date.

3. The referendum on the Stage Rail System Project has witnessed the highest citizen participation among the public elections held by the Metropolitan Municipality so far. 13 thousand 287 citizens attended the referendum. 13 thousand 15 people say yes I want to do the project, 249 people used the no preference. The vote was also invalid. The ratio of those who said yes to the project was 23. 97.63 2015 22 2 8 400 3 13 287 700 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX The XNUMX Second Stage Rail System referendum is the highest participation of the XNUMX bin XNUMX in the referendum held by the Metropolitan Municipality. All kinds of permits, preparation and financing is ready for the huge project of approximately XNUMX million pounds investment, now the first digging at the beginning of Christmas

A high rate of yes to the project created joy in Antalya. With every vote they gave, the people who contributed to the project's mortar also went down in history with the importance they gave to democracy. Citizens who thanked President Türel for asking the public for large projects, said that the public asked the projects is a virtue. Stating that they have a say in the management of the city and they are happy to give themselves the decisions about themselves, the Antalyaites, said they look forward to the implementation of the 3'den Phase Rail System Project.

The opinion of the people of Antalya about the referendum and the project is as follows:

Engin Vural: yıldır I have been in Antalya for years. I am amazed that such an important service is asked by a referendum. The arrival of the rail system will provide a great plus for the region, from the real estate prices to the convenience of transportation, comfort and economy. Asking the public about this project is a virtue. Service to the public is always Hakk'a service. I thank those who contributed. E

Mustafa Arık: ük The tram in Sharampol, which they call undesirable, is not empty. I went when I got up. We want the same service to be in our neighborhood. From Varsak to the terminal, from there to the old nostalgia tram. Our neighborhood will be appreciated, flourish, transportation will be easier. Projects are asked to the public. The decision of the public is also a good practice. Halk

Varsak Esentepe District Headman Nasuh Kula: ula If the project is to be a parent for this region. The rail system is the most modern public transport of our time. We connect the airport with Varsak and the university. As a native of Varsak, I would like to thank the Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel and the people who contributed.

Ferhat Apak:: I live in Fevziçakmak neighborhood. I think the rail system will be good for Kepez. It is a very nice and exemplary application to take our opinion about the project. It will provide us with great convenience in terms of transportation. We look forward to the realization of the project. Pro

Orhan Çelikel: ez I live in Kepez for about 10 years. Obviously I think the rail system will make a great contribution to Kepez. I think it will give Kepez a very nice development from the beginning to the last stop. The route was also very good. Now we will go to the courthouse to the university in Konyaaltı easily. "

Sevim-Ali Horasan pair: 'We came to Antalya 12 years ago. There is a huge difference between now and Varsak of 12 years ago. We also want a rail system for the development of the region. I work at the Training and Research Hospital. I was standing on the bus and I was standing up. We will now be able to travel freely with the rail system. We have full support for the project. Proj

Özgür Karakoyun:: Everyone will be pleased. We were already expecting this investment. We would like to thank Menderes Chairman who completed the project in a short time and asked us about the project. We always want to be in Antalya. I believe that the public from the rail system project will be very satisfied. Inanıy

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