3. Stage Rail System Project will be the biggest investment of Kepez

📩 19/12/2018 16:52

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Turel, 700 million pounds of investment-worthy 3 Phase Rail System Project is the biggest investment in the history of Kepez, stating, "Kepez will be very different when we make this investment," he said.

Mayor Menderes Türel, Kepez's Varsak, Ayanoğlu, Fevzi Çakmak, on the referendum on the 3 Stage Project, Karşıyaka and Demirel neighborhoods. Stating that the fate of Kepez has changed, Türel said: Karşıyaka The neighborhood, whichever one I say, changes the fate of them all. At 2004, there was a word I said before I was elected mayor. 'They say Kepeze Antalya's back garden, but Kepez will be the front garden of Antalya' I said. Thank God we started seeing this. The world's most modern public transportation system reaches Kepeze. Our intersections, roads, underpasses almost defeat Kepez makus fortune and move to a different point. Our boulevard, which passes right behind us and will be connected to the intersection of Korkuteli, will lead us straight to the Airport intersection. We are talking about an investment of over 100 trillion. I hope we will try to raise until the elections, until the March 2019..

Türel, who stated that they have given Kepez a four-storey junction, continued his words as follows: Kızılırmak -Greenirmak connection will be made from underground and without any hesitation, turn left to Sakarya Boulevard. Antalya's largest and first four-storey junction will serve again. We will offer it to you at the beginning of the year. Sene

Mayor Menderes Türel stated that the 3 Phase I Railway Project will be the biggest investment that Kepez has seen in the history of the city. 150 is an investment close to a million pounds. For the old money almost 700 quadrillion. Kepez will be very different when we realize this investment. Bu

Explaining that the rail system added value to the value of the regions along the route, Türel said, böl The value of the offices in the streets and streets near and on the rail system route increases by two, three, four times. This is the world. Maybe he even started to grow up with a few words. In this way, the value of our property will increase in Kepez will be enriched. This investment will enter into the pocket of the tradesmen in Antalya, will enter the safe, income will increase. This is the different size of the work, Bu he said.

President Menderes Türel gave the following information about the 23 stage of the total of 3 kilometers: From here, we return to Sakarya Boulevard right next to our Kepez Municipality. We enter underground at the junction of Otogar and we are heading towards the university we call Dumlupınar Boulevard. Medical school, university campus from there to the left Meltem and Application Research Hospital. From there to the museum continues our line and the nostalgia line is merging with the old. We organize the nostalgia line as a tram line, not a single line, but two separate lines. We are also fully modernizing that line with the new wagons. Yeni

President Türel continued his speech: Meydan Meydan-Kepezaltı, Meydan-Airport-Aksu stages are already in operation. When you get to the end of the 3'de Varsak'la get the most hand with a transfer bus station, university, courthouse, research practice hospital, Işıklar Kalekapısı, Airport Aksu, ver hand Kepez, you can go where you want. With our 23 km line, Antalya will have a network of 55 km rail systems in total. The 11 km line I did in the first period was over a half and it was a world record. In the second period, we completed the 18 km Meydan-Aksu-EXPO line in five and a half months. We break our world record ourselves. There is another city, another municipality that makes these lines so fast in the world so fast. Now I hope 5 If you say yes to the ballot box on Sunday, we will start digging and digging. Before the 2019 March, Varsak will be completed in the worst conditions. The continuation of the elections will not be completed immediately after the completion. In the meantime, we will put a free service between the university and the museum. We are going to transfer our citizens who want to transfer between the two rail system so that we can move on the other line as they wish. Ray

Türel, who underlined that all of these services are hand-in-hand, unity and togetherness, said: working day and night. If they were easy, they would have done it before us. We transferred the mission to 2009. We do not lie side by side as they do. If you hadn't supported us, maybe you would still be waiting for these services if you didn't. We had promised 2014 intersection in our selection catalog, we made the Alhamdulillah 19 intersection. You are the real architects and the hidden heroes of these services. Bu

Citizens 5 President Menderes Türel, who invited him to vote in the polls in November, said: Tür I hope that you are our greatest strength, I hope this Sunday 5 will be confirmed once again at the polls in November. We expect a nice participation. 22 8 joined 400 neighborhood in the second stage of the rail system referendum. We expect more from Kepez. The 8 of the 400 bin 98.42 said yes. Kepez should not be less than 99. The important thing is to join. We are making this referendum with a full election discipline.

Sakarya Primary School in Ayanoğlu Neighborhood, Şehit Kasım Esmer Primary School in Fevzi Çakmak Neighborhood, Ekrem Yazaroğlu İmam Hatip High School in Demirel Neighborhood, Varsak KarşıyakaYou will be able to vote from 08.30 to 17.00 in the morning at İsmail İltemir Primary School. We get voter lists from election boards. You come to the polls just like the elections. You present your identity, you sign against your name, you cast your votes in secret voting booths. When the ballot boxes are closed after 17.00, the ballot box, consisting of a government official, a mukhtar or one of our members and a civilian, opens and counts the votes in front of everyone and counts the result.

"Our road map draws the nation," said Türel, "before the selection of 2014 said I would ask these large projects to the public. Now that's what I'm doing. 2. We asked the stage, 3. We also ask the public. If you say yes we continue to set out to say that we do not stop. Then it is also the decision of the nation. Yes to the rail system Kepez'e be auspicious auspicious ez completed the words.

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