Minister Arslan: "It is important that our collaborations and projects complement each other"

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, relating to transportation projects between Greece and Turkey, "These are moving forward, will take place in December, the High Level Cooperation Council (Y have) meeting will now be doing the work will lead to the conclusion them. We are glad to see that the points we have arrived are beautiful. ” said.

Arslan and Greece's Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Hristos Spirtzis, made statements to press members after the talks.

Expressing the importance of offering the advantages of the geography to the service of the two peoples with the infrastructure projects, Arslan said, “It is very important that the collaborations and projects we complement in each sector, on highways and railways complement each other. The aviation industry is also included. ” spoke in the form.

Arslan stated that the meeting was very productive and he added:

“By taking these further, we will now have done the works to bring them to the conclusion at the High Level Cooperation Council (YDİK) meeting that will take place in December. We are glad to see that the points we have arrived are beautiful. We are working together to bring the improved lines to the final stage in order to run conventional trains between Istanbul and Thessaloniki, as well as the high-speed train project that will connect Europe and Asia on the same line. ”

Greek Minister Spirtzis also said that they are in cooperation in the recent period.

Explaining that their efforts are a result of their friendships, Spirtzis said, “I believe that we will succeed in the projects we plan.” found the assessment.

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